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Department ofEngineering Management & Leadership

Department of Engineering Management & Leadership

The Engineering Management and Leadership (EMGT) program is designed for both engineering students and professionals who wish to develop management and leadership skills while furthering their engineering education at the graduate level.

EMGT students take core courses in organizational behavior, project management, systems engineering, finance, and marketing, augmented by additional courses in management and leadership. In parallel, students design a Technical Stem program to advance their knowledge in an advanced engineering discipline and round out their education with an Enrichment Experience. The combination of business and graduate-level engineering coursework prepares students for leadership roles in technologically sophisticated companies. View descriptions of curriculum and degree requirements on the Graduate Program page.


Admission to the Engineering Management and Leadership Program is open to those students who hold an undergraduate or graduate degree in engineering, mathematics, computer science, or engineering physics. The undergraduate degree must be from a four-year engineering program substantially equivalent to Santa Clara University’s. Students holding undergraduate degrees other than bioengineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering must be prepared to select technical stem courses from these disciplines as listed in the Graduate Engineering Bulletin. In addition, the GRE is required for all students who do not have at least two years of working experience in the United States.


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