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Department of Engineering Management & Leadership

You’ve mastered the technical side of engineering. Now, learn how to make your skills part of a thriving business.

Santa Clara’s backyard is the best place in the world to be an engineer. You need technical proficiency to make it in Silicon Valley. But sticking around and moving up to management takes business and leadership skills.

Graduating engineers and scientists are confident that their education will open up a lifetime of challenging and rewarding work. They also know well they succeed will depend greatly on how well they meet the needs of their employers. In order to do this they will need to develop a broader range of skills that will be required as their career develops.

Our Engineering Management and Leadership Program is specifically designed for working professionals and students interested in developing their management skills and expanding their technical skills.

The Curriculum is evenly divided between management courses and technical courses. This is not an MBA, but a technical management program designed specifically for engineers. The management courses are taught by Silicon Valley industry professionals, bringing their experience to the classroom, while the technical courses are taught by the engineering faculty. You will be building your business acumen while upgrading your engineering skills.

Whether you have been working for several years and want to jump-start your career or are just graduating and want to round out your engineering education before looking for a job, the Master of Science in Engineering Management and Leadership at Santa Clara is a unique networking and career enhancing opportunity.

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