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Department ofEngineering Management & Leadership

Faculty & Staff

Michele Ellie Ahi image

Adjunct Lecturer

Michele Ellie Ahi

Global Technology Management

Octave Baker image

Adjunct Lecturer

Octave Baker

Engineering Management

Marlene Cole image

Adjunct Lecturer

Marlene Cole

Systems Engineering Management

Theresa Conefrey image

Adjunct Lecturer

Theresa Conefrey

Written and Oral Technical Communications

Don Danielson image

Adjunct Lecturer

Don Danielson

Computer Aided Project Management and Control

Pravin Jain image

Adjunct Lecturer

Pravin Jain

Advanced Leadership

Ronald Lesniak image


Ronald Lesniak

Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Mohammad Musa image

Adjunct Lecturer

Mohammad Musa

Product Management, AI, Robotics, Mobility

Usha Parimi image

Adjunct Lecturer

Usha Parimi

Program Management

Kern Peng image

Kern Peng

Engineering Management

Bruce Pittman image

Adjunct Lecturer

Bruce Pittman

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dennis Segers image

Adjunct Lecturer

Dennis Segers

Managerial Accounting for Operation Managers

Paul Semenza image


Paul Semenza

Market Research and Strategic Planning

Dave Trindade image

Adjunct Lecturer

Dave Trindade

Applied Statistics and Reliability

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Engineering Management
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