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Department ofEngineering Management & Leadership

Course Descriptions

2021-2022 Courses

    2021 2022 2022 Instructor Prerequisite
    Fall Winter Spring    
EMGT 253 Operations and Production Systems   X   Peng  
EMGT 255 Managerial Accounting for Operating Managers   X X Segers  
EMGT 269 Human Resource Development and the Engineering Manager X     Peng  
EMGT 270 Effective Oral Engineering Manager Presentations X X   Conefrey  
EMGT 272 Effective Written Engineering Manager Communications II     X Conefrey  
EMGT 285 Managing Business Relationships X     Monsef  
EMGT 292 Managing Capital Assets in the Smart Machine Era     X Peng  
EMGT 307 Medical Device Product Development     X Rodriguez  
EMGT 308 Solution Architecture and the Cloud   X   Parimi  
EMGT 318 Strategies for Career and Academic Success (for Foreign-born Technical Professionals)   X   Baker  
EMGT 322 Organizational Behavior X   X Lesniak  
EMGT 323 Management of Technological Innovation X     Semenza  
EMGT 324 Engineering Leadership     X Lesniak EMGT 322
EMGT 330 Project Management Basics X   X Peng  
EMGT 333 Computer-Aided Project Management Scheduling and Control     X Danielson  
EMGT 335 Advanced Project Management and Leadership   X   Peng EMGT 330
EMGT 338 Software Product Management I X     Musa  
EMGT 339 Software Product Management II: From Product to Company   X   Musa EMGT 338
EMGT 345 Program Management     X Parimi EMGT 330
EMGT 349 Ethical Decision Making for Technology Leaders   X X Jain  
EMGT 352 Marketing of High-Tech Products and Innovations   X   Semenza  
EMGT 357 Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Effective Problem Solving X     Rodriguez  
EMGT 358 Global Technology Development   X X Ahi  
EMGT 373 Technology Entrepreneurship X   X Giddings  
EMGT 378 New Product Planning and Development X     Starostina  
EMGT 380 Introduction to Systems Engineering X     Cole  
EMGT 395 Intrapreneurship   X   Lesniak  

The following are the decriptions of courses currently being offered in the 2021-2022 Academic Year, for the quarterly schedule of classes, please refer to CourseAvail. For a list of all courses in our program, please see the School of Engineering Graduate Bulletin.

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