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Department ofComputer Science and Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Learn how to create the hardware and software of tomorrow.

For undergraduates we offer a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering that focuses on programming and building computer systems. For those looking to code and design for the Web, we also offer a B.S. in Web Design and Engineering that pairs a technical education in computing with courses in graphic arts, communication, and sociology.

By your senior year, you'll take on a major project that identifies a need, and then creates a product to address it. Past projects include apps to improve health care in rural areas, virtual reality software for treating anxiety, and nanosatellite software.

Our graduate programs include an M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering. The capstone and dissertation work of our grad students often leads to developing solutions that reach far beyond the Santa Clara campus.

Our faculty members have worked for companies like Google and LG, helped write state K-12 curriculum, and collaborated with organizations like the National Science Foundation and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. During your time here, you'll have the chance to work in their labs or with them through the Sustainable Energy Initiative or Frugal Innovation Lab.

Faculty Spotlight



Dr. Ruth Davis received the Society of Women Engineering (SWE) Distinguished Engineering Educator Award. 

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Faculty Grants


Dr. Nam Ling (PI) and Dr. Ying Liu (Co-PI) have been awarded a new research grant, “Low Complexity and High Efficiency Image and Video Processing with Neural Network on Heterogeneous Platforms,” $150,873, from Kwai Inc.

Dr. Yi Fang (PI) has been awarded a new research grant, “Deep Learning of Representations for Complex Data,” $125,511, from Docomo Innovations.

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Faculty Grants


Dr. David Anastasiu  (PI) has been awarded a research subcontract project, "Valley Water AI Models for Hydrologic Flow," $39,328.65, from Wood Rogers, Inc./Santa Clara ValleyWater District. 


Dr. Yuhong Liu (Co-PI) has been awarded a new research grant (with Hohyun Lee of Mechanical Engineering as PI), "Co-simulation of Residential Buildings EnergyControl Systems under Transactive Energy Approaches," $74,999, from National Institute of Standards & Technology.

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