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Department ofComputer Science and Engineering

COEN Student Policies

Grad Students’ Overload Policy

The maximum load for a graduate student per quarter is 10 units. To overload to 12 units, a student must have a GPA of at least 3.4.

Grad Students’ CPT Co‐op Policy

  1. Must be a full‐time grad student in our CSE major or SE major (min 8 units per quarter).
  2. Completion of at least 24 graduate units (COEN 9xx units and transfer units do not apply to these 24 units).
  3. To be eligible to register for ENGR 288, students must complete 16 units of graduate level courses. (Transfer credit does not apply to the completion of these 16 units.)
  4. Minimum 3.0 GPA.
  5. F-1 students: must be full‐time for at least 9 consecutive months.
  6. Must be full‐time the quarter preceding co‐op.
  7. Must be an SCU student not working as a TA.
  8. The training objectives must be related to the field of study, and include learning to enhance academic knowledge, work, and learning to work with people.
  9. Typically each approval is about 3 months, but can check with the associate dean for grad studies.

Undergrad Students: Declaring/Switching into Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) and Web Design & Engineering (WDE) as a Major or a Minor

Due to already over-crowded classes in our department, we have stopped accepting students into our CSE and WDE programs, including majors and minors. This applies to:

  1. Declaring CSE/WDE as major from undeclared major.
  2. Choosing CSE/WDE as minor.
  3. Switching to CSE/WDE major from within SCU engineering.
  4. Transferring to CSE/WDE major from another college/school within SCU.
  5. Transferring to CSE/WDE major from outside SCU.

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