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Find which graduate program is right for you.

We offer three graduate degrees: an M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering with specialized tracks in data science, software engineering, information assurance, multimedia processing, computer networks, and computer architecture and systems; an M.S. in Software Engineering with a set of electives that allow you to expand the breadth of your technical proficiency; and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering for those interested in intensive independent research and contributing to new scholarship in the field.

If you are a working professional looking to update your skills or seeking to change your career path but can't commit to a degree program, our graduate-level certificate programs in Software Engineering, Networking, and Information Assurance are a great way to move ahead.

See our program pages for more information and the School of Engineering's Graduate Admission section if you are ready to apply.

Sushma Devarapalli at work in the Frugal Innovation LabImage link to full article

A Piece of the Puzzle

"Coming from India, where resources are constrained, I was always interested in Jugaad," said graduate software engineering student Sushma Devarapalli, referring to the Hindi-Urdu colloquialism for finding creative work-arounds. "So when I came to SCU, I took the class Mobile Labs for Emerging Markets, and then became a research assistant in the Frugal Innovation Lab [FIL], working with Dr. Silvia Figueira [computer engineering associate professor]."

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