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Department ofComputer Science and Engineering


  • Big Data—A Big Deal

    Tired of scrolling through your cable provider's seemingly endless television listings to find a program you want to watch? Well, my friend, those days are numbered.

    Dr. Amer's research interests include distributed storage systems, predictive management of data and storage, alternative and upcoming storage technologies, and energy management.

    Dr. Atkinson's research interests include software engineering, compilers, static analysis tools, data structures, and programming languages.

    Dr. Danielson's research interests include the impact of information technology on organizations, Web-based educational tools, and human-computer interaction.

    Dr. Davis's research interests include formal methods in software engineering, programming languages, and improving diversity in engineering.

    Dr. Fang's research interests include Web science, data-intensive computing, and large-scale information retrieval.

    Dr. Figueira's research interests include parallel and grid computing, middleware, performance modeling, and resource scheduling.

    Dr. Lewis's research interests include embedded systems and K-12 outreach.

    Dr. Ling's research interests include video and image coding, architecture, and video communications.

    Dr. Mikkilineni's research interests include object-oriented design methodologies, software engineering, and database systems.

    Dr. Shang's research interests include parallel processing, computer architecture, algorithm theory, and nonlinear programming.

    While the hyper-connection of today’s digital infrastructures enables rapid evolving of cyberspace, it also brings variety of threats, which undermine the public’s trust and ability to fulfill their tasks in the cyberspace. Trust, originated in social science, is defined as how much confidence one party has on whether other parties will perform a certain action or possess a certain property. Trust related security research, which guides entities to detect misbehavior, to take actions by avoiding risks, and to stimulate cooperation among distributed entities, plays a unique and indispensable role in making the cyberspace secure and trustworthy.

    Dr. Liu's research interests focus on the development of theoretical trust models as well as its applications in emerging applications, such as ensuring the trustworthiness of online social network, securing Cyber-physical systems through trust based solutions and establishing trust in cloud computing environment.

    Learn more at Dr. Liu's research page.

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