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Dezfouli, Behnam

  • Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Director, SCU IoT Research Lab (SIOTLAB)
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Communications Letters
  • Vice-chair, IEEE Communications Society, Santa Clara Valley Chapter

Courses Taught

  • Internet of Things (IoT) [Graduate] (COEN 243)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) [Undegradute] (COEN 143/143L)
  • Object-Oriented Programming and Advanced Data Structures (COEN 79 / COEN 79L)
  • Computer Networks (COEN 146)
  • Wireless and Mobile Networks (COEN 331)

Research Areas

  • Wireless networking and security mechanisms for Internet of Things Systems
  • Edge and fog computing (SDN, virtualization technologies, resource allocation)
  • Traffic flow and channel access control methods using machine learning and scheduling
  • Empirical, simulation-based, and theoretical performance evaluation of IoT systems
  • Mobile computing and energy-efficient software development
  • Design and interfacing of hardware platforms for energy measurement and calibration of IoT devices