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Women in Engineering

See yourself as an engineer!

We know how important it is to have faculty role models to mentor and encourage you, as well as lively peer activities to help you grow professionally and personally.

At Santa Clara we have one of the largest percentage of women engineering faculty in the United States, so you'll find lots of shining examples of success in your professors.

Outside of the classroom, organizations such as Society of Women Engineers, ACM-W (Association for Computing Machinery-Women), Women in STEM, and Engineers Without Borders offer inspiring speakers, informative workshops, and lots of opportunities for outreach, travel, networking, and social engagement.

You'll not only see yourself as an engineer, you'll become one!

  • Inclusiveness at Santa Clara University extends to its engineering program, which nurtures women scientists. (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

    Opinion: Set high expectations of women engineers and they’ll meet them

    by Shiyin Lim, Santa Clara University

    Almost every woman in engineering I’ve talked to knows the pressure of having to prove herself.

    She knows what it’s like to be meticulously perfect in her calculations, and to accept that regardless of her intelligence, her work will be checked again by someone who doesn’t trust her. She knows that at the end of the day, mistakes hold more weight than they should.

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    Fixing What's Broken

    I graduated in 2014 with a degree in bioengineering and a minor in mechanical engineering. While in school, I stayed busy by competing for the Santa Clara cross-country and track teams. Right before my sophomore year, I suffered a stress fracture in my femur. Although it healed without any complications, I sustained another stress fracture in the opposite leg two years later. My desire to understand my own injuries better, combined with the classes in biomechanics and anatomy that I was taking at Santa Clara, sparked my interest in orthopedic medical devices to prevent and treat injuries to bones and muscles.

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    Don't Fear the Smart Grid

    During her sabbatical last quarter, JoAnne Holliday, associate professor of computer science and engineering, stepped out of the classroom where she teaches courses on information security, wireless and mobile networks, and distributed computing, and stepped into the world of smart grid and industrial control systems (ICS) security. "When I started looking into this," she said, "I was a little dismayed because it is so complex. I come from the IT realm and am used to thinking about computer security. But this is an entirely different category."

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Notable Women Engineering Alumni

  • Jayshree Ullal '86

    Jayshree Ullal '86

    President & CEO at Arista Networks, Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award 2013

  • Robin Beck '77

    Robin Beck '77

    Project Engineer and Engineering Manager at Aerotherm Corporation, Lead Engineer at NASA AMES Research Center, Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award 2016