Women in Engineering

See yourself as an engineer!

We know how important it is to have faculty role models to mentor and encourage you, as well as lively peer activities to help you grow professionally and personally.

At Santa Clara we have one of the largest percentage of women engineering faculty in the United States, so you'll find lots of shining examples of success in your professors.

Outside of the classroom, organizations such as Society of Women Engineers, ACM-W (Association for Computing Machinery-Women), Women in STEM, and Engineers Without Borders offer inspiring speakers, informative workshops, and lots of opportunities for outreach, travel, networking, and social engagement.

You'll not only see yourself as an engineer, you'll become one!

  • Audrey Gozali

    Audrey Gozali Named New Face of Civil Engineering

    Senior Audrey Gozali '18 has been named one of ten 2018 New Faces of Civil Engineering, Collegiate Edition by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). This program recognizes student civil engineers for their academic accomplishments and commitment to serving others. 

  • Bioengineering undergraduate student Grace Ling and Assistant Professor Bill Lu

    Delivering the Goods

    Bioengineering undergraduate Grace Ling and Assistant Professor Bill Lu, M.D., Ph.D., are testing a new method of gene therapy that safely delivers DNA to mutated cells without using viruses for transport, as is the current norm.

  • Computer engineering Assistant Professor Behnam Dezfouli and senior Angelina Poole

    The Internet of You

    Computer engineering Assistant Professor Behnam Dezfouli and senior Angelina Poole are working to enable existing WiFi infrastructures for medical applications, such as an in-home medical monitoring systems, to collect and transmit data in an energy-efficient and timely manner. And Kaiser is interested.

  • Painting with Numbers

    A summer research program taught Isabela Figueira ’18 how to use machine learning in computer animation—and changed her career path along the way.

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    Percentage of Master's Degrees 2015 & 2016 2nd place, Women Tenure Faculty 2016 4 place

    2017 Women Enrollment Graphic

    Notable Women Engineering Alumni

    Jayshree Ullal '86image

    Jayshree Ullal '86

    President & CEO at Arista Networks, Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award 2013

    Renee Niemi '86image

    Renee Niemi '86

    Head of Smart Home Business at Logitech

    Pam Rissmann '86image

    Pam Rissmann '86

    mBlox, Former Executive VP Operations

    Robin Beck '77image

    Robin Beck '77

    Project Engineer and Engineering Manager at Aerotherm Corporation, Lead Engineer at NASA AMES Research Center, Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award 2016

    Sheryl Staub-French '93image

    Sheryl Staub-French '93

    Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award 2015

    Sylvee Proehl '15image

    Sylvee Proehl '15

    System Engineering Manager at Lockheed Martin

    Allison Kopfimage

    Allison Kopf

    Co-founder and CEO at Agrilyst