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ACM Women's Chapter (ACM-W)

Santa Clara University’s ACM-W chapter aims to support and advocate for the full engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field. We work to create an environment where women can learn from one another and become passionate about being computer scientists, whether it be through workshops focused on developing academic and professional skills or mentorship events with SCU alumnae and local industry representatives. SCU alumnae remain connected to our ACM-W community well beyond graduation, allowing our current members to learn from and become empowered by those who have come before them. We continue to address the issue of retention of women in computer science and engineering and hope to inspire our members to pursue their goals through knowledge and education about women's contribution to technology.

Events and Activities

• Professional development workshops
• Academic and technical workshops
• Networking events with industry representatives
• Mentorship events
• Women's March
• Grace Hopper Conference

President: Olivia Figueira and Christine Chye
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Silvia Figueira
Organization Contact

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