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Energy Club

The Santa Clara Energy Club is an organization dedicated to spreading awareness of issues regarding energy, the environment, and sustainability. We hope to bring together a multi-disciplinary group of individuals who share a mutual interest in tackling the global problems related to the consumption of energy. This club was created in order to provide a forum for students, alumni, and faculty at Santa Clara University to collaborate and network with one another.

Events, Activities & Educational Outreach
  • Guest Lecturers
  • Movie Screenings
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Sustainability Tours

President: Ashley Hale
Advisor: Dr. Maryam Khanbaghi
Organization Contact Email:


Recent Events

Richard Navarro, Google’s [e]Team,

Neil Maguire, Founder and CEO of Adara Power

Residential and Agricultural PV Systems by Angelica Escruceria: Senior Systems Design Engineer at Canopy Energy and Amit Patel: Project Engineer at

Energy Utilization by Ben Clarin, Electric Power Research Institute

5.20.17 Santa Clara University Energy Club Solis Family Install in San Jose