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Sylvee Proehl EMGT '15

Sylvee Proehl EMGT '15


Congratulations to Sylvee Proehl, 2015 Graduate of the Engineering Management and Leadership Program, on her promotion to System Engineering Manager at Lockheed Martin.

Growing up Sylvee had a keen interest in outer space. As a high school student she even attended the US Space Camp. Her interests lead her to the University of Illinois where she earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering. While she was in college she joined AIAA, the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics where she expanded her network and met some folks from Lockheed Martin. They offered her an internship in 2007 and, impressed with her work, offered her a full time position in the Space Systems Group.

After moving to the Bay Area and working for a couple of years she was ready to return to school. She joined the Engineering Management and Leadership Program at Santa Clara University because it fit her schedule - she was able to work all day and attend classes before or after work. She studied management, robotics, and mechatronics and graduated June 2015.

At work she was assigned to the THAAD Program, a high altitude missile defense system designed to protect the US and its allies against threats. Recently she was promoted to the position of System Engineering Manager where she is responsible for the integration of the total system. In her new position she not only manages the technical effort but also the business side of being successful in the aerospace business.          

When asked if she had any advice for current students she replied, “ - they should join their technical associations, build their networks, and learn some business skills, because no matter what company you work for, you will eventually need them to get ahead.”

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