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Choi, Sean


Sean Choi is currently a Research Scientist at Facebook, working on scaling and improving Facebook’s data center networks.

Previously, Sean completed his Ph.D. in electrical engineering at Stanford University. He was advised by Professor Mendel Rosenblum, one of the founders of VMWare and the recipient of ACM Thacker breakthrough in computing award. Sean completed a M.S. degree in computer science at Stanford University and B.S. degree in computer science and business economics and management at California Institute of Technology. During the interim between the end of his M.S. and the start of his Ph.D., Sean worked at LinkedIn as a data engineer and worked at VMware as a senior member of technical staff. He also founded multiple companies in the area of machine learning and image recognition.

His research focus is on adding programmability to network switches and network interface cards (NIC) and finding new use cases for the newly available programmable hardware in the areas of data analytics and machine learning.


Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, 2019, Stanford University

M.S. in Computer Science, 2013, Stanford University

Dual B.S. in Computer Science & Business Economics and Management, 2011, California Institute of Technology


  • Data Center Network
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud Services
  • Serverless Compute
  • SmartNICs
  • Programmable Network


Application acceleration with scalable programmable data center networks. Sean Choi. (2019).

Toward Scalable Replication Systems with Predictable Tails Using Programmable Data Planes. Sean Choi, Seo Jin Park, Muhammad Shahbaz, Balaji Prabhakar, Mendel Rosenblum. Proceedings of the 3rd Asia-Pacific Workshop on Networking 2019. (2019).

FBOSS: Building Switch Software at Scale. Sean Choi, Boris Burkov, Alex Eckert, Tian Fang, Saman Kazemkhani, Rob Sherwood, Ying Zhang, Hongyi Zeng. Proceedings of the 2018 Conference of the ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication. (2018).

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