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Senior Design

Theoretical expertise meets hands-on learning as seniors prepare for real-world engineering.

A requirement for graduation, student teams take on year-long capstone projects, putting their problem-solving skills to the test and collaborating to take an idea from concept to design to prototype. On the second Thursday in May, teams present their work to an audience of industry experts, faculty advisors, students, family, and friends of the School of Engineering at the annual Senior Design Conference—a highlight of our academic year. All are welcome to come and watch the student presentations; please join us!

But how do students choose their projects? While faculty advisors have a list of projects students may choose from, some come up with their own ideas. Recently, projects focused on a surgical device to treat sleep apnea, an aerial drone system for wineries to check in on the health of their vines, improved construction techniques for a rural village in Ghana, a low cost 3D bioprinter, satellite control systems, and much, much more. There's a world...and a galaxy...of opportunity awaiting!

Check out this year's projects and photos.


  • Restoring Paradise

    Civil engineering seniors Sedona Leza, Karin Komshian, and Brianna Eremita were moved by the devastation caused by the firestorm that besieged Paradise, California, last winter. After meeting with townsfolk and studying the landscape, the team researched home design, construction techniques, and municipal strategies to minimize future loss, and will present their findings to the Paradise City Council this spring.

    • Destigmatizing Asthma

      When a local pediatrician reached out to the School of Engineering’s BioInnovation and Design Lab seeking a solution to the problem of kids with respiratory issues resisting nebulizer use, bioengineering seniors got right to work. Murray Bartho, Michael Breshock, and Megan Nolte have designed an ingeniously disguised nebulizer that’s a breath of fresh air.

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