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Study Abroad

Australia, Denmark, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden...these are some of the places our undergraduates call home as part of the Study Abroad Program.

Why should SCU engineers study abroad?

  • There are very few times in your life when you can immerse yourself in another culture for a significant period of time.
  • The engineering workplace is becoming much more global—thus global understanding is key to success in the days ahead.
  • International experience is a strong, positive addition to a professional resume.
  • Global understanding is an important part of what Santa Clara seeks to create in its students.

We are here to help you plan this once in a life-time learning opportunity. Learn more by checking out this presentation on Study Abroad for Engineering provided by the Study Abroad Office, Making Abroad a Reality for Engineering, and the Course Planning and Approval Guide.

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