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Study Abroad

Australia, Denmark, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden...these are some of the places our undergraduates call home as part of the Study Abroad Program.

Study Abroad for Engineers

The School of Engineering highly encourages students to explore Study Abroad as a supplemental educational opportunity to maximize their Santa Clara University experience.

Why should SCU engineers study abroad?

  • International experience is a strong, positive addition to your resume.
  • Given that the engineering workplace is becoming an increasingly globalized industry, international experience can provide you with the necessary skills to work effectively with people from around the world. 
  • Communication is a valued skill in engineering and having meaningful experiences abroad can help challenge and develop your communication skills and abilities. 
  • Global understanding is an important part of what Santa Clara seeks to create in its students.

To maximize your time abroad, it is critical to strategically plan out your course schedule both at Santa Clara and abroad. Finding a study abroad program that fits your major(s), minor(s), and pathway requirements take time and planning, but we are here to help! You can utilize this guide to get started in the planning process. 

Making Study Abroad a Reality for Engineers

Students should begin planning their study abroad experience during their first year. The earlier you start planning, the more likely you will be able to integrate study abroad into your Santa Clara experience!

Students should consult their Faculty Advisor in Spring Quarter advising during their first year and inform their Faculty Advisor of their intention to go abroad. It is important to be aware that certain technical classes for engineers can only be taken while at Santa Clara.

Students should also review the SCU Study Abroad website, specifically the Explore Programs by Major subpage, to identify programs with specific engineering coursework as soon as possible. Faculty Advisors can help students determine what courses abroad will align with their academic plan.

Most engineering students choose to study abroad during the fall quarter of their third year. This allows students to study abroad for a semester­ while only missing one quarter at SCU. Many students who plan accordingly can get five classes to apply to major, minor, and/or core requirements.

Students should map out exactly what classes they need to graduate and create a flow­chart outlining any sequences or prerequisites. Many majors have charts based on their graduation date that students can use as a reference. Engineering four-year plans can be found here.

Engineering Peer Advisors are a great resource to utilize during the planning process if you need assistance with your academic plan for study abroad. 

Questions about Study Abroad?

SCU Study Abroad is happy to assist you during the study abroad process. You can email SCU Study Abroad at with any questions you may have, and view advising opportunities on the Advising subpage of the SCU Study Abroad website.


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