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Undergraduate Programs

Internal Transfer

Undergraduate students not originally accepted to the School of Engineering who wish to declare an engineering major may apply to do so as early as the spring quarter of their first year.

Students must complete and submit an Engineering Internal Transfer Application to be considered. Once submitted, all application materials are evaluated by the appropriate Department Chair, and students are then notified of the decision within two weeks of submission. 

The School of Engineering recommends that students wishing to transfer speak with the department that houses the intended major as soon as possible, even before submitting a transfer application. This way, students can begin to receive informal advising on which courses to take that will apply toward the program of study.

Any student who wishes to be eligible to transfer into the School of Engineering as early as Spring of their first year should complete the following courses in the fall and winter terms:

  • Calculus sequence: Two courses from MATH 11, 12, 13, 14
  • Chemistry: CHEM 11
  • Physics: PHYS 31

If the intended major is Web Design and Engineering, then PHYS 31 and CHEM 11 may be replaced by any course satisfying the Natural Science Core requirement.

Foundation course sequences should be started (and possibly finished):

  • Critical Thinking and Writing
  • Cultures & Ideas

Degree programs offer four year plans for each engineering major. Depending upon the intended major, students may also attempt to enroll in any engineering course for which he or she has satisfied all prerequisites. If there is space available, it is advisable for a student planning to transfer to engineering to enroll in ENGR 1 and 1L in the fall, winter, or spring terms.

A student who enters an engineering program at any time beyond initial entrance to the university may require more than four years to complete the program.

For more information on Engineering degree programs, please click here.

Successful applicants for transfer into Engineering will have demonstrated competence in the math and science classes listed above. Application reviews are conducted by the faculty chair of the intended major program, and their decisions are also based on the amount of space available in their degree programs at the time of application. This will vary among departments.

For more details on requirements for a successful application, please contact the appropriate department chair:

Bioengineering – Dr. Prashanth Asuri
Civil Engineering – Dr. Tonya NilssonDr. Aria Amirbahman
Computer Science and Engineering – Dr. Silvia Figueira (department application reviewer)
Electrical Engineering – Dr. Shoba Krishnan
Electrical and Computer Engineering - Dr. Shoba Krishnan
General Engineering – Dr. Jessica Kuczenski
Mechanical Engineering – Dr. Hohyun Lee
Web Design and Engineering – Dr. Silvia Figueira (department application reviewer)

How to Submit: Students must complete the Internal Transfer Application Form online. Applicants must upload a written response to an essay prompt in order to complete the submission.

When to Submit: 
First-year students will not be considered for transfer to the School of Engineering until the spring quarter of the first year, and may not submit this application until that term. Students beyond their first year may submit this application at any time for consideration. In order to receive a decision in time for mandatory spring advising, students must submit this application by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, April 8, 2024. Applications will still be accepted after this date, but applicants might not have a decision before the advising and registration period. 

After Submission: Applications will be processed by Undergraduate Programs and forwarded to the appropriate department chair for review. Applicants will be notified by Undergraduate Programs of the chair's decision via email within two weeks of submitting the application. 

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