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Staff Awards

The School of Engineering recognizes staff dedication, passion, and hard work. Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Staff Member of the Year award winner:

Rima Nemechek

Rima Nemechek

Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs and Strategic Initiatives


Past Winners
2018-2019 Nicole Morales & Shane Wibeto
2017-2018 N/A
2016-2017  Anne Mahacek
2015-2016 Peta Henderson
2014-2015 Adrian Valones
2013-2014 Jason Chong
2012-2013 Patti Fylling & Nicole Morales
2011-2012 Apryl Roberts & Shane Wibeto
2010-2011 Sotheary Beaumier
2009-2010 Donald MacCubbin
2008-2009 Stacey Tinker

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