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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Contests and Competitions

The challenge is on.

Innovation Competitions keep things lively around the School of Engineering!  Each quarter, student teams put their entrepreneurial mindsets and creative problem-solving skills to the test vying for cash prizes. Contests involve local industrial partners (BMW, Intel, nVIDIA, NASA, to name a few), alumni, and a talented group of innovators and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. 

Congratulations Maker Challenge Winners!

For the Maker Challenge, students designed a Santa Clara University spirit product that could be made in the SCU Maker Lab and sold in the campus book store. During Phase 1 we had 9 teams, consisting of 39 students, submit their proposal of their concept. We selected the top 4 teams to continue on to produce 20 units of their item to sell in the campus bookstore. The students did an amazing job presenting their concept, iterating through prototypes to finalize their design, and marketing around campus.

Congratulations to the winning team Trent Kelsall, Justin Culpepper, and Kyle Andrews for their product Red Wraps- SCU stickers to customize AirPods to show off school spirit. We were so impressed with all four teams that we gave honorable mentions to the other 3 teams from Phase 2. Congratulations to Will Hewiit, Zach Litoff, Edie O'Connor for their product Bottle Bronco- a bottle opener/keychain with the SC logo; Chelsea Villanueva, Karla Raigoza, Xukun Zhang, Peter Ferguson, Brandom Yup, Story DeWeese, and Jada Paddock for their product Mission Sustainable- a succulent holder that highlights the Santa Clara Mission; and Michael Mehta, Samantha Lee, Charles Ju, Jennifer Miranti, Timothy Lim, and Connor Tisch for their product Bronco Bust- a 3D bronco puzzle.

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