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Maker Lab

Maker Lab

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and ignite your inner innovator—build, invent, and test your own creations in our hands-on prototyping space.

Hand tools, power tools, and a whole suite of machines that are part of a new wave of “personal making”—3D printers, laser cutters, and circuit board fabricators—are all at your disposal. The Maker Lab is the only place on campus where any SCU student, faculty, or staff member can be quickly trained to use the tools and a team of students from multiple departments can easily work together.

More than 800 students, faculty, and staff from disciplines ranging from engineering to studio art use the School of Engineering's Maker Lab. Recent creations run the gamut from keychains, robots, water purity testers, and devices to process DNA, to a fully-functional prosthetic arm! Whether you're working on your own personal invention just for the fun of it or on an assignment for class, this space is yours. Come in and play!

 Maker of the Month


Maker Club, IEEE, and ACM hosted a series of Arduino workshops this quarter. Students soldered their own diy arduinos that were machined on the OtherMill. They applied the arduino coding they learned to building a Useless Box. The components of the box were laser cut out of wood. They assembled, the boxes, integrated the servos, switch, and arduino, and programmed the box. When you flip the switch, a servo is triggered to open the box and then a second servo moves the switch to the off position.

Check out the previous entries and learn how to submit your own projects for Maker of the Month.


The Maker Lab has started an outreach program for K-12 schools. We have been developing a Mobile Maker Trailer to take to local schools to teach students about new technologies and inspire the maker spirit. You can learn more about this program on our  website. This Mobile Maker Trailer outreach program is  made possible by Makers 4 Good,

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