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Maker Lab

Tools & Equipment

Learn about the tools and equipment in the Maker Lab using the drop-downs below. Click on the equipment name to learn more about the tool and get access to resources.


Tool Description
General Hand tools Screwdrivers, pliers, saws, clamps, drill bits, tape measures, etc.
Bicycle Repair Equipment Stand and tools for bicycle repair
Binding Machine Can punch holes and affix comb binding for paper
Button Maker For making 2" buttons and pins
Corner Sander For smoothing surfaces with various grits of sandpaper
Embroidery Machine For working with fabric
Foam Board Tools Can cut straight, v-grooves, rabbet joints, and circles in foam board
Power Hand Drill For making holes or screwing into material
Heat Press For adhering heat transfer material to t-shirts and fabric
Hot Wire Cutter For cutting and shaping styrofoam
HP Sprout 3D scanning computer
Injection Molder Can make multiple small plastic parts using a mold
Iron and Ironing Pad For ironing fabric
Metal Working Equipment Can cut, bend, and roll thin metal
Microscope Digital microscope for up to 300x magnification
Photo Booth A pop-up booth with lights for taking pictures of projects
Plastic Bender Can bend sheets of plastic
Sewing Machine For working with fabric
Silhouette Cameo For making vinyl stickers, heat transfer t-shirts, working with cardstock, etc.
Vacuum Forming Machine Can form plastic sheet around objects to create a form
Tool Description
Dremel Rotary Tool Hand held tool with variety of accessories for cutting, grinding, polishing, etc.
Drill Press Used for drilling accurate and consistent holes where the depth of the hole can be preset and repeated
Orbital Jig Saw Can saw through material for straight or curved cuts
Trim Saw Used for making straight, relatively accurate cuts
Tool Description
CarveWright Table Router CNC router for cutting, drilling, machining, and shaping wood
Carvey CNC Mill CNC mill for cutting, drilling, machining, and shaping wood, plastic, and metal
Compound Miter Saw Allows for making accurate cross-cuts on wood and soft plastics
Epilog Laser Cutter Uses a high power laser for accurately engraving and cutting various materials
Epson Large Format Printer Used for printing on large media
Formlabs Form2/Form3 Rapid Prototyping Machine* 3D printers that use a UV light to cure a liquid plastic to print 3D objects
Formlabs Fuse1+ Rapid Prototyping Machine 3D printer that using laser to harden powdered material to print 3D objects
Glowforge Laser Printer Uses a high power laser for accurately engraving and cutting various materials
OtherMill (Bantam Tools) CNC mill for machining PCB for custom circuit boards
Pocket NC 5 Axis Mill CNC 5 axis mill for machining aluminum, wax, and more
Prusa i3 MK3S and Mini Rapid Prototyping Machines Hobby class prototyping machine that heats up solid plastic to print 3D objects
Revopoint 3D Scanner Specialized camera for creating 3D models of physical objects
ShopBot Table Router CNC router for cutting, drilling, machining, and shaping wood
Soldering Iron For joining together electrical components
Ultimaker 3 Extended Rapid Prototyping Machine Hobby class prototyping machine that heats up solid plastic to print 3D objects
Voltera-One Circuit Board Printer Circuit board printer and solder reflow for surface mount components
WAZER Waterjet Used for cutting metal, plastic, composites, and other materials with a jet of water
WEN Benchtop Band Saw Used for cutting metal and other materials


IEEE Maker Project

Check out this video IEEE filmed in the Maker Lab!

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