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CarveWright Table Router

Specialty Tools Image 3 CarveWright Table Router 

The CarveWright table router is a CNC router for cutting, drilling, machining, and shaping wood. In the Maker Lab we have a CarveWright CX.

Quick Reference

Training Required: Basic Training and CarveWright Training

Workspace: Minimum: 1.5x0.5x7"; Maximum: 14.5"x5"x12"

Materials: Wood

File Types: DXF, STL, and MPC (CarveWright's software)

Material Fees: Minimal material available in scrap bins. Best to bring your own material for CarveWright.

Common Terminology: Coming Soon!

PDF Links

CarveWright Manual

CarveWright Quick Start Guide

Video Links

CarveWright YouTube Channel


Coming Soon.

Manufacturer Information

CarveWright Website


Sample Projects

Sample Coming Soon!

Carved project

Coming Soon!

Other Resources for ideas include--

CarveWright Project Gallery for router projects