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Maker Outreach

Maker Outreach

Welcome to the Maker Outreach Program

The SCU Maker Outreach Program is designed to integrate hands-on making to excite and expose students and the community to a variety of STEM topics. We are working on multiple initiatives for the program.

Mobile Maker Lab- The Maker Lab supports hands-on making activities at local schools and community events through the use of its 24 ft Mobile Maker Lab. This Lab includes various hand/power tools, several 3D printers and a laser cutter. Maker Lab staff and volunteers work with local teachers to offer engaging maker education activities using this facility.

Maker Carts- The Maker Lab is developing Maker Carts that include select maker equipment that can be loaned to a classroom. Having equipment in the classroom can provide students the opportunity to have more in-depth interactions with the equipment and incorporate additional hands-on experiences into the curriculum. Along with the Cart, Maker Lab staff are also developing a training program for teachers prior to loaning the equipment.

Teacher Resources- The Maker Lab is compiling and creating resources to provide information about the technology, maintaining and operating equipment, recommendations on software, and sample projects with learning objectives to help teachers integrate maker equipment into their curriculum.

Summer Workshops- The Maker Lab and Robotic Systems Lab offer summer workshops that introduce community college instructors and veterans to a variety of applied STEM topics that expand their knowledge and hone their skills.

Osher Life Long Institute (OLLI) Courses- SCU hosts one of the largest of the 120+ OLLI programs in the country. Funded through the Osher Institute, OLLI serves a large community of learners that are 50 years or more of age. The Maker Lab offers several OLLI classes to teach the basics of making and to provide support for personal projects.

Maker Lab Guest Membership- With our first members in Summer 2024, Maker Lab is launching a program that will allow SCU alumni and family of current SCU faculty and staff use Maker Lab resources as a way to support their continuing interests in making, to strengthen their ties to the university, and to stimulate interaction and mentoring opportunities with current students.


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