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Healthcare Innovation and Design

Healthcare Innovation and Design

Empowering students, faculty, and community to address complex challenges in healthcare.

In this on-campus hub for healthcare innovation, Santa Clara students and faculty have the opportunity to work directly with industry professionals to develop specialized solutions for pressing issues in healthcare. In collaboration with companies across the Silicon Valley, the program promotes academic growth through real-world applications and personal impact.

Apply your passion and develop your skills as you dive into one or many of the projects we offer. With support from University faculty and industry mentors, share your ideas and partner with peers in a supportive environment!

Whether you are a first-year undergraduate curious to discover what technology innovation is all about, or a doctoral student working on advanced research, this is the place for you! Learn authentic innovation methodologies. Enjoy industry mentoring, networking opportunities, internships, and visits to industry labs. Incubate an idea and translate it into a successful insight. Whatever your interests, designing your future in healthcare starts here!


  • Worker in biopharmaceutical manufacturing plant at a computer

    Modeling the Future of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Santa Clara University is partnering with Genentech to create a West Coast Biomanufacturing Consortium for Analytics and Data engineering (BioCAD) to upskill working engineers and scientists, enabling them to make data-informed manufacturing decisions.

  • A man puts his nose over a glass of coffee to determine its aroma.

    The Sweet Smell of Career Experience

    Healthcare Innovation and Design students are receiving outstanding mentorship while getting a flavor for working with a real customer in the biomedical industry.

  • In CERVIS to Women's Health

    Starting from a position of customer empathy, students in bioengineering and public health science departments collaborate to create a low-cost, non-invasive detection system for cervical cancer for use by women in developing countries.

  • Jamie Ferris '19 working on the HELP Hand

    Engineering a Helping Hand

    Jamie Ferris '19, along with fellow undergraduates and graduate students, is developing the HELP Hand, a Human-centered Electric Prosthetic to be manufactured in India and given free of charge to those in need by the Jaipur Foot Foundation.

  • Nebulizer sq

    Destigmatizing Asthma

    When a local pediatrician reached out to the Healthcare Innovation and Design Program seeking a solution to the problem of kids with respiratory issues resisting nebulizer use, bioengineering seniors got right to work and designed an ingeniously disguised nebulizer that’s a breath of fresh air.

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