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Specialty Tools Carvey CNC Mill

Carvey is a 3-axis CNC mill for cutting, drilling, machining, and shaping wood, plastic, and metal. In the Maker Lab we have a Carvey by Inventables.

Quick Reference

Training Required: Basic Training and Carvey Training

Workspace: 11.6" x 8", 3.15" Z-Travel

Materials: ABS, Acrylic, HDPE, Wood, Aluminum, Corian, FR1 PCB Blanks, Delrin, Expanded PVC, Machinable Foam, Machinable Wax

File Types: SVG, DXF, or G-Code (Uses Invetables software Easel)

Material Fees: We have limited wood available in the scrap bin for Carvey. We sell blanks for rubber stamps in the Maker Store. You can bring your own materials.

Common Terminology: CNC- Computer Numerically Controlled

PDF Links

Carvey Safety Training

Video Links

Inventables YouTube Channel

Easel Introduction

Carvey Demo

How to Clamp your Material


The Carvey uses Easel, a free web-based software. You will have to create a free account with Inventables, but then you will be able to work on your project from any computer with internet access.

Manufacture Information

Inventables Website

Inventables Carvey Product Line

Sample Projects

Carved Sign

Carve custom signs out of wood,plastic, or metal. 

Sample signs made with Carvey

Rubber Stamp

Carve your own rubber stamp.

Sample stamp made with Carvey

Other Resources for ideas include--

Inventables Project Page for working with a variety of materials