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Pocket NC Mill

PocketNC CNC Mill

The Pocket NC is a 5 axis CNC mill for machining aluminum, machinable wax, and more. In the Maker Lab we have a Pocket NC V2-10.

Quick Reference

Training Required: Basic Training and Pocket NC Training

Workspace: X: 4.55 in (115.5 mm); Y: 5.05 in (128.3 mm); Z: 3.55 in (90.1 mm); A: -25 to 135 degrees; B: Continuous rotation (-9999 to 9999 degrees)

Materials: Aluminum, 303 stainless, machinable wax, acetal, G5 titanium

File Types: g-code

Material Fees: Best to bring your own material for the Pocket NC.

Common Terminology: Coming Soon!

PDF Links

Coming soon

Video Links

Maker Lab Wax Project

PocketNC YouTube Channel


Software for creating g-code:

AutoDesk Fusion 360 is free CAD/CAM software for education

Software for simulating g-code:

PocketNC Simulator

Software for running g-code:

Requires being connected to PocketNC via USB

Manufacture Information

PocketNC Website

PocketNC V2-10 Product Site

AutoDesk Fusion 360 Tutorials

Sample Projects

Sample Coming Soon!

Coming soon

Coming Soon!