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Power Drill

Hand Power Drill

Basic Tools Slide Show Image 4 Power Hand Drill

The hand power drill is used for making holes or screwing into material. In the Maker Lab we have 4 power drills and 1 impact driver.

Quick Reference

Training Required: Basic Training

Workspace: Make use of bench hooks or scrap material if drill at the workbenches.

Materials: Wood, plastic, metal (use the right bit for the job), screws (we have driver sets)

Material Fees: We have some scrap wood available and random hardware, but it is best to bring your own materials.

Common Terminology: Two-Speed Gear Train- The drills have a two speed gear train that allows adjusting speed for power and torque. LO Speed decreases speed for more power and torque. HI Speed increases speed for less power and torue for fast drilling and driving applications. Torque Adjustment- The torque can also be adjusted based on the application. 1-4 for driving small screws; 5-8 for driving screws into soft material; 9-12 for driving screwsinto soft and hard materials; 13-16 for driving scres into hard wood; 17-23 for driving large screws; 24 for heavy drilling. (Information from the manual.)

PDF Links

Basic Tool Training

Cordless Drill Manual

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Manufacture Information

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