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Orbital Jig Saw

Orbital Jig Saw

Power Tools Image 4 Orbital Jigsaw

The Orbital Jig Saw uses a reciprocating or elliptical motion to saw through material depending on the use. It can be used to make straight or curved cuts. In the Maker Lab we have two Craftsman Orbital Jig Saws.

Quick Reference

Training Required: Basic Training and Power Tool Training

Materials: Variety of materials- wood, plastic, thin sheet metal, etc. depending on the blade used

Material Fees: We have limited material available in the scrap bin. You can bring your own materials.

Common Terminology: Orbital Motion - The blade cuts in an orbital motion for faster, more efficient cutting. The higher setting is used for faster cutting in soft material. The lower setting is used when cutting materials with more resistance.

PDF Links

Power Tool Training

Jig Saw Manual

Video Links

Maker Lab Orbital Jig Saw Safety Video

Craftsman YouTube Channel

Sample Projects

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