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Foam Board Tools

Foam Board Tools

The foam board tools are used to cut straight, v-grooves, bevel, rabbet joints, and circles in foam board. In the Maker Lab we a FoamWerks deluxe cutting kit.

Quick Reference

Training Required: Basic Training

Tools included:

  • Rabbet Cutter
  • Freestyle Cutter
  • Straight/Bevel Cutter
  • Channel Rail/Straight edge guide
  • Circle Cutter
  • V-Groove Cutter
  • Straight Cutter
  • Hole Drills

Materials: Foam board

Material Fees: We have limited foam board in the scrap bins. It is best to bring your own materials in with you.

Common Terminology: Rabbet- a cut on the edge of the material creating a step-shaped recess typically matching another piece of material for joining them together. V-groove- a v-shaped recession cut into the face of the material allowing for the material to be bent

PDF Links

Basic Tool Training

Drill, Straight/Bevel, Freestyle, Rabbet Instructions

Circle Cutter Instructions

V-Groove Cutter Instructions

Video Links

 Logan Graphics YouTube Channel

Manufacture Information

 Logan Graphics FoamWerks Website

Sample Projects

Test of Foam Board Tools

Testing out the capabilities of the foam board tools. 

Sample cuts using foam board tools

3D Printer Enclosure

Foam board enclosure to maintain temperature when printing with ABS to limit warping. We also laser cut acrylic windows to see the print and filament spools.

Custom foam board enclosure for 3d printer