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Drill Press

Drill Press

Photo of drill pressThe drill press is used for drilling accurate and consistent holes where the depth of the hole can be preset and repeated. In the Maker Lab we have a Grizzly Industrial bench top drill press.

Quick Reference

Training Required: Basic Training and Power Tool Training

Materials: Variety of materials- wood, plastic, metals (requires the correct speed setting for the material and drill bit size)

Material Fees: We have limited material available in the scrap bin. You can bring your own materials.

Common Terminology: Chuck- the specialized clamp used to hold bits in the drill press. Make sure that bits are centered, straight, and securely held in the chuck.

PDF Links

Power Tool Training

Grizzly Drill Press Manual

Video Links

Maker Lab Drill Press Safety Video

Grizzly 12 Speed Drill Press Video

Grizzly Industrial YouTube Channel

Manufacture Information

Grizzly Industrial Website

Grizzly 12 Speed Drill Press Product Webpage

Sample Projects

Custom Jig for Pocket NC Mill

Drilled counterbore holes for attaching the jig to the Pocket NC mill and drilled holes we tapped for attaching stock to the jig.


Custom jig made for mounting stock in PocketNC mill