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Hand Tools

General Hand Tools

Basic Tools Slide Show Image 2 Hand ToolsIn the Maker Lab we have a variety of general hand tools.

Quick Reference

Training Required: Basic Training

Tools include:

Measuring tools- tape measures, rulers, calipers, squares, compasses, levels, etc.

Picks, Punches, and tweezers- center punch, leather punch, single and double sided picks, tweezer sets, forceps, etc.

Socket Sets- metric sockets, imperial sockets, socket driver sets, adapters, universal joints, etc.

Bits- Multi-purpose bits, metal bits, hole saws, forstner bits, countersinks, etc.

Pliers-locking pliers, needle nose pliers, diagonal snips, flush cutters, etc.

Aviation snips- right cut, left cut, and straight cut

Screwdrivers- phillips, flat-head, torx, etc.

Hammers- ball-peen hammer, claw hammer, rubber mallet, etc.

Plastic tools- PVC pipe cutter, plastic saw, scoring tool, etc.

Wrenches- combination wrenches, hex key sets, adjustable, etc

Clamps- bar clamps, spring clamps, c-clamps, corner clamps, etc.

Saws- carpenter saw, hacksaw, miter saw, coping saw, miter box, etc.

Cutting tools- box cutters, scissors, x-acto knives, cutting mats, etc.

Chisels and Files- Chisel sets, file sets, file brush, spatulas, deburring tool, etc.

Tap and Die set

Manual hand drill

Kits- eye glasses repair, watch repair, ring sizing

Extension cord


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