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Injection Molding

Injection Molder

Basic Tools Slide Show Image 7 Injection Molder

The injection molder is used to make multiple small plastic parts using a mold. In the Maker Lab, we have a LNS Technologies Model 150A injection molder.

Quick Reference

Training Required: Basic Training

Workspace: Mold cavity maximum size is 1.25 cubic inches

Materials: Plastics- ABS, Acetal, Polypropylene, TEP, LDPE, EVA

Material Fees: We have limited plastic pellets available for use. We also have an aluminum epoxy frame (Epoxy Frame product page) for creating molds.

Common Terminology: Sprue- the channel used to inject the plastic into the mold. This creates waste material that is removed from the part once injected.

PDF Links

Basic Tool Training

Injection Molder Manual

Instructables Guide to Plastic Injection with Epoxy Mold

Instructables Guide to Plastic Injection with Aluminum Epoxy Mold

Video Links

LNS Technologies Videos

Manufacture Information

LNS Technologies Techkits Website

Sample Projects

Replica of 3D printed part

Made an epoxy form for injecting into to replicate a 3D printed chess pawn. 

Sample injection molded pawn to replicate a 3D printed part