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Soldering Iron

Basic Tools Slide Show Image 12 Soldering Iron

The soldering iron is used for joining together electrical components. In the Maker Lab we have 2 Weller WES51 soldering irons along with other tools to assist with electrical projects.

Quick Reference

Training Required: Basic Training

Tools Included:

  • 2 Weller WES51 Soldering Irons
  • 1 Heat Gun
  • 2 Power Supplies
  • 1 Oscilloscope
  • Multiple Wire Strippers, Crimps, and other hand tools
  • 2 Portable Fume Extractors

Material Fees: We have lead-free solder (usage of leaded solder is NOT allowed), flux, electrical tape, and wire available for free.

Common Terminology: Tinning- lighting coating a component with solder to make soldering together easier, e.g. tinning stranded wires helps keep them together when soldering. Flux- a chemical cleaning agent that when applied to the surface prior to soldering helps clean and create a better bond. Solder Wick- also known as desoldering braid, is used to desolder components by placing the solder wick on the joint and using the soldering iron to heat up the solder for it to bold to the wick instead of the joint.

PDF Links

Basic Tool Training 

Weller Soldering User Manual

Sparkfun Connector Basics

Sparkfun Working with Wire

Video Links

Soldering Safety Video

Sparkfun Youtube Channel

Manufacture Information

 Weller website

Sample Projects

Custom soldered circuit board

Soldered components on a custom circuit board machined on the OtherMill.

Sample of a circuit board with soldered components

Other Resources include:

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