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OtherMill CNC

OtherMill (Bantam Tools) CNC Mill

 Specialty Tools Image 8 Othermill

The OtherMill (now Bantam Tools) is a CNC mill used mainly for milling printed circuit boards (PCBs). In the Maker Lab we have 2 OtherMill Pro machines.

Quick Reference

Training Required: Basic Training and OtherMill Training

Workspace: 5.5 x 4.5 x 1.6 inches

Materials: FR-1 boards (machinable wax, aluminum, plastics) DO NOT MILL FR-4.

File Types: Eagle .brd and Gerber

Material Fees: We have single-sided and double-sided FR-1 boards available in the Maker Store.

Common Terminology: Traces - the flat, narrow part of copper left after milling that connects the electronic components together; Vias- the electrical connections between the front and back of the board.

PDF Links

OtherMill Safety Training

Video Links

Maker Lab Custom Circuit Board Project

Bantam Tools YouTube Channel


Software for creating file:

Eagle (Autodesk) (.brd or Gerber)

KiCad, Osmond PCB, DiptraceFritzing (Gerber)

Software for connecting to OtherMill:

Bantam Tools Desktop Milling Machine Software (formerly OtherPlan)

Manufacture Information

Bantam Tools Website

Bantam Tools Support

Sample Projects

DIY Arduino Board

Students used the OtherMill to machine DIY Arduino boards for creating "useless boxes". They soldered on components and laser cut the box housing. 

Other Resources for ideas include--

Bantam Tools projects page