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Hot Wire Cutter

Hot Wire Cutter

Basic Tools Slide Show Image 6 Hot Wire Cutter

The hot wire cutter is used for cutting and shaping styrofoam. In the Maker Lab we have a Hot Wire Foam Factory hand tool kit and table.

Quick Reference

Training Required: Basic Training

Materials: Styrofoam

Tools Included:

  • 24" Table with Fence
  • Freehand Router
  • Sculpting Tool
  • Hot Knife
  • Engraver

Material Fees: We have some small sheets of styrofoam available for free.

Common Terminology: Sculting Tool and Freehand Router-Tools for freehand scroll cutting, scultping, and carving. Precisiong and Long Engraving Tools- Tools for sculpting, shaping, holes, writing, drawing, imprinting, and more. Hot Knife- Tools for cutting in any direction with fast and clean precision. (Information from the manual.)

PDF Links

Basic Tool Training

Hot Wire Foam Factory Instructions

Video Links

Hot Wire Cutter Safety Video

Foam Factory Tutorial Videos

Manufacture Information

 Hot Wire Foam Factory Website

Sample Projects

Custom storage

Inserts for safely storing and transporting components for an RC Boat. The styrofoam inserts have multiple layers allowing for the boat to be stored in the bottom and the smaller components stored on top.

Hotwire cutter used to create custom storage solution for components for robotic RC boat