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Frugal Innovation Hub


Social Enterprises, NGOs, and Non-Profit Organizations

Submit a project idea, become a speaker at a Frugal Innovation Hub Gathering, or become a Frugal Friend.

Submit a project proposal to be taken on by the Frugal Innovation Hub team.

  • Project Proposal Process
    1. Submit Project Proposal Form (Link can be found to the right!)
    2. A staff member will respond within 10 business days with follow-up questions.
    3. Upon acceptance by an FIH sub-lab faculty lead, a scope of work and desired outcomes will be outlined.
    4. A student team will be recruited (graduate or undergraduate), and a timeline will be developed.
    5. Project will commence!
  • Requirements from Enterprise Partners
    • Minimum 1 hour of total Skype/Zoom/phone time twice a month to provide feedback to students.
    • Provision of requisite technical requirements and specifications to ensure effective solution development.
    • Participation in an exit survey with FIH Staff upon completion of project.
    • Yearly 1 paragraph update of technology and related social impact that resulted from the project.

Become a guest speaker for and/or attend a Frugal Innovation Hub Gathering (FIG)!

  • FIGS are intended to facilitate connections, increase awareness of societal and technology issues, and provide opportunities for stakeholders to progress their missions.  
  • If you think that you or a colleague would be a good speaker for a FIG, please suggest a speaker/event with the link at right!

Be a Frugal Friend.

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