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Four people featured in a collage titled 'Blog Celebs at SCU'.

Four people featured in a collage titled 'Blog Celebs at SCU'.

Who Would Your Favorite Celebs Be at SCU?

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Ever wonder where your favorite celebrities would attend college? We've got you covered! Learn who our in-office pop culture experts think would thrive at SCU and how they would contribute to our vibrant community.

 Ever wonder where your favorite celebrities would attend college? Wonder no more - your in-office pop culture correspondents, Maura, Sydney, Elena, and Jamie, worked to put a team of stellar celebs together who are ready to come and study at SCU! Each celebrity, just like us, is different and interested in a variety of majors and activities. We brainstormed our dream classmates and thought about which stellar SCU programs they would join once on campus. While this is all, of course, just for fun and we do not speak for these iconic celebrities, if Meg Thee Stallion IS interested in transferring, have her email Maura directly at or call her on her cell at 408-76… 


A person with curly hair, touching their face, and wearing a checkered shirt.

Noah Centineo: Political Science, Club Rugby

First up on our list, we have the King of Netflix Rom Coms, Noah Centineo! The To All the Boys star has decided to take a step back from acting and focus on his true passion: politics and service (Check out his People’s Choice Awards speech. He’s clearly very dedicated to social justice). Noah picked SCU because of the awesome opportunities for Political Science students to get hands-on experience through our Washington, D.C. Internship and our ELSJ (Experiential Learning for Social Justice) core curriculum requirement. Noah is ready to go out into the Bay Area and serve our local community! He also joined the Club Rugby team because, obviously.


Olivia Rodrigo smiling in a polka dot dress at an event.

Olivia Rodrigo: Finance with a minor in Musical Theatre 

Olivia, like her character Nini in the truly iconic and brilliant and perfect show High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (yes, the person writing this blog is an admission professional and is 27 years old!) sometimes has a hard time claiming her voice. Which at this point: girl. Driver’s License is arguably the musical theater anthem we’ve all been waiting for (we as in musical theatre kids). Anyways, Olivia loves musical theatre and loves singing, but she isn’t sure that’s all she wants to study. There are so many other opportunities to learn and explore, especially at Santa Clara! When looking at SCU, Olivia was especially excited about the opportunity to explore Business along with performing. Olivia has learned from her mentor T-Swift that it’s VITAL for women in the music industry to have a strong sense of business to develop a vibrant career. Olivia was drawn to SCU’s Business professors, who have real-life experience in Silicon Valley at companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Apple. Olivia decided to declare a Finance major, but of course still has a musical theatre minor. Fingers crossed SCU does a show for this mezzo powerhouse soon! 


Willow Smith making a heart shape with her hands on stage.

Willow Smith: Chemistry, Ethnic Studies, and Communication 

Willow, like everyone in the Smith family, is a Renaissance person. She’s good at everything she does, and would likely have trouble choosing a major at a school like SCU with so many options. Willow is a vital part of Red Table Talk, so she’d naturally excel at Communication, but her passion for social justice and anti-racism work would also draw her to the Ethnic Studies department. She could also be a star in a chemistry lab, wearing her white lab coat, clearly invested in the research she’s doing with her professor; she just gives off STEM vibes too! SCU would give Willow the opportunity to explore so many different classes during her first two years before having to declare a major. Some people may decide to pick just one or two majors, but if you're an overachiever like Willow, you can triple major at SCU! You can catch Willow’s Spin Off, Benson Table Talk, on our school radio station KSCU


Megan Thee Stallion in a red dress with earrings.

Megan Thee Stallion: Transfer Student, Public Health Science on the Pre-Health track 

This list would not be a list without Megan Thee Stallion. Megan is currently studying at TSU, getting her degree in health administration. However, I can imagine that the commute from LA to Houston and having that time difference for online classes is challenging. So Meg, transfer to SCU as a Public Health Science major! Meg has talked about her dream of opening up a healthcare facility, and SCU’s Public Health program would be a great foundation for her business. Plus, we’re a little closer to LA, so the commute to and from the Grammy’s won’t be quite as challenging. Meg is very interested in the Global Medical Brigades program and would love to travel to another country and serve the local community.


We had fun putting this piece together to give you a glimpse into the multifaceted interests of our students and the opportunities available to them at SCU. Do you agree with our projections? Who else do you see joining the Bronco family?



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