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9 Unique Must-Take Courses at SCU

Curious about the kinds of courses you can take at Santa Clara? College is a time to explore various interests and find your passions. These 9 courses will broaden your perspective and open your mind to new ideas and ways of thinking.
    Who Would Your Favorite Celebs Be at SCU?

    Ever wonder where your favorite celebrities would attend college? We've got you covered! Learn who our in-office pop culture experts think would thrive at SCU and how they would contribute to our vibrant community.

    SCU Alumni Spotlight: The Jesuit Mission in Action

    Here at Santa Clara, we always talk about our Jesuit mission and serving others, but what does that look like in action? Learn about two SCU alums, Drew and Alexa, who have applied our Jesuit mission to launch a company that’s creating tangible change in the world through ethical and sustainable spending.

    A Day in the Life of a Santa Clara Student...Pandemic Edition

    Meet Julian Dreiman - an SCU senior from Boulder, CO! Check out this post as he shared what a typical day looks like for a college student during the pandemic.

    Studying in Silicon Valley: A Unique Opportunity

    Situated in the San Francisco Bay Area and the heart of the Silicon Valley, Santa Clara University affords students incredible opportunities because of our location. From the weather to the people to professional opportunities, the Silicon Valley is truly a unique place to be and offers students an unmatched return on investment.

    How to Approach the SCU Supplemental Questions

    As part of the Santa Clara application, you will be asked to complete two supplemental short-answer essay questions that are specific to our university. We’re looking to see why you envision yourself as a part of our community. Learn how best to approach these questions from the counselors who read your application!

    Test-Optional: What Does It Mean at SCU?

    We are just as excited as you that Santa Clara is test-optional for at least the next two years. But, understanding these new policies can be confusing. Read more to understand what test-optional means for you at SCU!

    Soundtrack to the Essay-Writing Process of Your Dreams

    Writing your college essays isn’t always easy. To help ease the process (and make it a little more fun), we asked our SCU Ambassadors to reflect on their own experiences and share songs that helped inspire and push them through the challenge of writing their college application essays.

    Meet the Authors

    Welcome to the SCU Admission Blog! We are so excited to share our advice with you on this new platform and invite you behind the admission desk to learn more. To start, we want to introduce you to our incredible staff of admission counselors and blog authors who will read your applications and write the posts we share here.

    The 3 Schools at SCU: Choosing Your Academic Path

    What do you want to be when you grow up? You may remember this question from childhood, but the age-old axiom often resurfaces when you begin your college search process as well. While the question may seem unanswerable now, we’re here to help you examine your interests and pick a path that’s right for you!

    How To Use Social Media to Enhance Your College Search

    Researching colleges can be a daunting task. College rankings, websites, and comparison tools like Niche or Naviance are great, but how do you find a sense of a community through websites? Learn how to use social media to get a pulse on campus life throughout your college search process.

    Finding Your Fit: A Comprehensive Look at Four-Year Institutions

    There are thousands of four-year universities out there to choose from. Part of the research process is determining what type of institution is a good fit for you. We break down the thousands of schools into three succinct categories. Read more to figure out which works for you!

    9 Ways to Demonstrate Interest Virtually

    Demonstrated interest means pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Colleges and universities are tracking how much you, as a prospective student, demonstrate your interest in their school. They want to see students who are enthusiastic and curious about their school. Show them how much you care.

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