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Don’t be that student! Don’t be the student who submits their application at 11:59 pm the night before it’s due. Why? Highlighted in this article, are two reasons why you should not wait until the last minute to submit your application. Also provided is a helpful deadline reminder guide.

    We all agree that a campus visit is the best opportunity to get a firsthand view of a university and what it’s like to be a student. If you’re planning a visit to campus, learn more about what you can do before, during, and even after your visit to ensure you’ve taken advantage of every opportunity!

    Do you feel committed to social justice and community engagement? Do you want to be attuned to the world with its human incompleteness and failures? Do you enjoy accompanying people in challenges and opportunities? If so, a Jesuit education is for you!

    Does the college application process overwhelm you? Check out this handy checklist that we have put together to help! It even includes a handy Excel template to organize the schools you are applying to.

    Are you beginning the college application process? As you browse through college websites, you’ve probably come across a lot of new terms. It can be a bit confusing, especially since universities often have their own vocabulary to explain what they offer. To clear up any confusion, we want to walk you through some terms that we use at Santa Clara University.

    Look no further for the perfect list of summer recommendations. Everything from TV shows to podcasts to snacks - the Santa Clara Admission team and student ambassadors share some of our favorites from the past year!

    Ever wonder where your favorite celebrities would attend college? We've got you covered! Learn who our in-office pop culture experts think would thrive at SCU and how they would contribute to our vibrant community.

    Here at Santa Clara, we always talk about our Jesuit mission and serving others, but what does that look like in action? Learn about two SCU alums, Drew and Alexa, who have applied our Jesuit mission to launch a company that’s creating tangible change in the world through ethical and sustainable spending.

    Meet Julian Dreiman - an SCU senior from Boulder, CO! Check out this post as he shared what a typical day looks like for a college student during the pandemic.

    Situated in the San Francisco Bay Area and the heart of the Silicon Valley, Santa Clara University affords students incredible opportunities because of our location. From the weather to the people to professional opportunities, the Silicon Valley is truly a unique place to be and offers students an unmatched return on investment.

    As part of the Santa Clara application, you will be asked to complete two supplemental short-answer essay questions that are specific to our university. We’re looking to see why you envision yourself as a part of our community. Learn how best to approach these questions from the counselors who read your application!

    We are just as excited as you that Santa Clara is test-optional for at least the next two years. But, understanding these new policies can be confusing. Read more to understand what test-optional means for you at SCU!

    Writing your college essays isn’t always easy. To help ease the process (and make it a little more fun), we asked our SCU Ambassadors to reflect on their own experiences and share songs that helped inspire and push them through the challenge of writing their college application essays.

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