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Podcasts and Videos

Podcasts and Videos

Topic Thursdays

Join Santa Clara University admission staff this summer as we discuss a variety of college application topics such as: finding the right fit, application tips, essay & supplements, financial aid, and more! We hope these webinars will help you as you navigate the college application season. 

Small, Medium, Large: Finding the Right College Fit

There are thousands of colleges and universities in the U.S. with a wide range of student body sizes. There is no one-size-fits-all but how do you know which size school is best for you? Join us to discuss what each type of school has to offer and what may be the best fit for your particular interests.

Computer Science and all its Paths

Are you considering a field in computer science? Did you know SCU offers a program in the College of Arts and Sciences, Business, and Engineering? What's the difference? Tune in and learn all about the exciting opportunities that await you.

Tips and Tricks to Stand Out as an Applicant

Join us to go over the different elements of the college application. Let’s talk about what you do to make your applications stronger and help you stand out.

College Essay and SCU Supplements

Come learn advice on how to approach writing the personal statement and supplements to really showcase your personal stories to admission counselors!

Financial Aid Literacy for College

How to pay for college is a daunting question for students and their families. It is also confusing to navigate it without any support. Join us to learn about different types of aid (grants, loans, need-based aid, merit scholarships, etc.), and where/how to apply for them.​

Invent the Life You Want to Lead

To invent the life you want to lead, you need the right laboratory, equipment and a dash of curiosity.

From that first critical decision to the first celebration of success, students from across the globe have found this at Santa Clara Universitya nurturing and intellectually stimulating place in the heart of Silicon Valley. In our Life Invented podcast series, we chat with students, faculty and staff who are discovering what it means to be a global citizen, innovator and influencer. Follow us as we journey towards a life of limitless potential. This is…Life Invented.


Learn what you love. Be who you want to be. Live the dream. (transcription)
Alonzo Billips ‘20, Bioengineering
Nathan Metzger ‘17, Mechanical Engineering
Uma Palaniappan ‘17, Public Health Science/Psychology
Hear how these current SCU students navigated the college decision-making process to find the right fit. Every path is unique to the individual, but these students have discovered a way forward where their potential is limitless.

Learn what you love. Be who you want to be. Live the dream. (transcription)
Alonzo Billips ‘20, Bioengineering
Nathan Metzger ‘17, Mechanical Engineering
Uma Palaniappan ‘17, Public Health Science/Psychology
They made the choice and are now having the time of their lives. In part two of our conversation, Uma, Nathan and Alonzo share their favorite parts about Bronco life from laundry lessons to Saturday morning tater tots. Every student’s experience is different but the Bronco pride remains the same.

Dive into the study of us: Humanities. 
Victor Republicano '13, Classical Studies
Andrea Pappas, Chair of the Art & Art History department 
Santa Clara University's Center for the Arts and Humanities explores the joy of meaningful expression at the interface of the arts, humanities, sciences, and entrepreneurial genius in the 21st Century. We debunk myths about humanities majors (classics, art & art history, english, modern languages & literature, philosophy, and religious studies) with alumni and faculty, including employability and its importance in policy-making.

The LEAD Scholars Program at Santa Clara University. (transcription)
Dr. Erin Kimura, Director, LEAD Scholars Program
Raylene Hernandez ‘19, Public Health and Women and Gender Studies
Isaac Marcia ‘18, Mechanical Engineering
Trevor Romele ‘15, Program Manager at Adobe Systems
Beau Scott ‘19, Political Science and Philosophy
As part of the LEAD program, students connect with a group of scholars who truly understand the unique challenges faced by those who are the first members of their families to attend college. It’s more than just a program - it is truly a guide for young men and women who are not just learning how to college. They are learning how to transform a generation.

Training the social entrepreneurs of today to be the changemakers of tomorrow. (transcription)
Aidan O’Neill ‘17, Economics
Keith Warner, OFM, Director, Education and Action Research
The Global Social Benefit Fellowship Program hosted by Santa Clara University's Miller Center combines a fully funded summer field experience with two quarters of academically rigorous research. Join us as we learn more about the opportunities that can not only change a life, but change the world.

Exploring our global society with the SCU Global Fellows Program. (transcription)
Onno Ho ‘18, Finance
Nick Kikuchi ‘18, Bioengineering
Tanya Monsef Bunger, Program Director, Global Fellows Program
Through international opportunities for action and engagement, SCU’s  combines service, academics, and leadership into an experience that leaves students transformed. Our guests aim to leave no path untraveled and continue to explore the possibilities of a truly global society.

Women in Engineering at Santa Clara University (transcription)
Dr. Tonya Nilsson, Department of Civil Engineering
Cynthia Le, ‘17, Computer Science and Engineering
As we look with fresh eyes at how we nurture gender bias and the barriers women face in education and beyond, we are now able to consider new possibilities and solutions already in action. In this episode, we invite you to imagine what it’s like to learn in an environment with one of the highest percentages of female engineering faculty in the country. Listen in as we chat with Dr. Tonya Nilsson and 2017 graduate Cynthia Le, two women who are here to share their experience as Women in Engineering at Santa Clara University.

A Conversation with Professor of Theatre Arts Aldo Billingslea. (transcription)
Aldo Billingslea, Professor of Theatre Arts
What does it mean to be an artist at a time when the stories we choose to tell, and how we tell them, might just shape the future? The nuances of choice in life and on stage are the jump off for this episode of Life Invented. Explore yet another way to invent the life you want to lead at Santa Clara University.

Environmental Studies and Sciences at Santa Clara University (transcription)
Michelle Marvier, Professor of Environmental Science
Chonsa Schmidt ‘18, Environmental Science
What does the future hold for our planet and environment? How do we figure out solutions today that will make a better tomorrow? Join us as we sit down with Michelle Marvier, professor of Environmental Science, and Chonsa Schmidt, Environmental Science Major, to discover what the planet means to us all and how we can find hope after all.

Behind the scenes with the SCU Admission team. (transcription)
Eva Blanco Masias, Dean of Undergraduate Admission
AJ Howell-Williams, Senior Associate Director
Join a few members of the Undergraduate Admissions team as they reflect on their own college experiences and share a few tips on making the ultimate college decision.


One of many short videos of current SCU students, faculty and alumni in our Life Invented series. Learn more about Santa Clara University and how they invent the life they want to lead.


Student life at SCU
At Santa Clara University we want you to learn what you love. Discover yourself. Be brave, strong, giving and compassionate. Be a part of a community that nourishes you, challenges you, and allows you to be who you want to be. Step out of your comfort zone. Make the most of work and play. We invite you to invent the life YOU want to lead.


Innovation at SCU
Step into a fresh perspective. Grow through mentorship, research, and hands on learning. The possibilities of academic life in Silicon Valley are limitless. Here at Santa Clara University we invite you to take critical thinking to the next level. Thrive in an environment where inspiration unfolds everyday. Be curious. Be challenged. Be an innovator. Be the solution. Reach for your future and invent the life YOU want to lead.


Reflecting on the past and looking towards the future
As an NCAA Division 1 school, Santa Clara University gave Steve Nash the opportunity to leave his home in Canada, launch his collegiate basketball career, and discover one of his favorite places in the world, the Bay Area. Today, he hopes to one day share his college experience with his children because, in his words, “only people who have been to Santa Clara can really understand what it means to go to Santa Clara.” We couldn’t agree more.