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Public Health Program

Public Health

The Public Health Science (PHS) major at Santa Clara University provides students with a rigorous intellectual framework to explore human health. The PHS curriculum includes biomedical sciences, social sciences, mathematics and statistics. Interdisciplinary public health courses integrate the curriculum, which is woven throughout with themes of global engagement, community service, and social justice.

The Public Health Program strives to positively impact the health of our university community, and the health of communities beyond the university. Our faculty, staff, and students are committed to working with campus, regional, and global partners to identify and characterize challenges to human health, develop innovative research and intervention strategies, and advocate for social changes that will lead to a more human, just, and sustainable world.

Tough Choices in Public Health

Pair students and leaders in public health and ask them to solve tough ethical questions. What do you get? Better answers for all of us. 

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