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Department ofPublic Health

The Public Health Program strives to positively impact the health of our university community, and the health of communities beyond the university. Our faculty, staff, and students are committed to working with campus, regional, and global partners to identify and characterize challenges to human health, develop innovative research and intervention strategies, and advocate for social changes that will lead to a more human, just, and sustainable world.

About Our Program

The Public Health Program in the College of Arts and Sciences offers the bachelor of science degree in public health science. The program also offers a minor degree in public health, and manages the Global Health Pathway of the University Core.

The public health science (PHS) major is an interdisciplinary degree focused on the health of human populations and individuals. Students will gain a solid foundation in biology and chemistry to understand the functioning of the human body in health and disease. The major further explores the influences of environmental and social factors on human health through required and elective public health courses, as well as relevant courses in the social sciences and humanities. Through the senior capstone and mandatory internship, PHS majors engage in health-focused service and research projects that apply their education to real-world public health problems, and integrate learning across disciplines. Students are encouraged to study abroad to gain perspective on global health issues.


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