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Center for the Arts and Humanities

The Center for the Arts and Humanities will help to build an academic foundation rich in creative explorations and experiential learning, founded in ethical integrity and social responsibility.

The Center for the Arts and Humanities was created by the College of Arts and Sciences through a bequest from Victor B. and Julia Botto Vari, a gift from the Jesuit Community, and a gift from President Michael Engh, S.J.  The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences is also providing funding and support for the Center. Dean Atom Yee appointed an advisory council in Spring 2014 to meet and establish a vision and to brainstorm activities. Under the Leadership of Associate Dean Barb Fraser, the committee includes Michael Zampelli, S.J., Jill Gould, Jill Pellettieri, Larry Nelson, Blake Demaria, and Bob Senkewicz.

Understanding and Resisting Violence Locally and Globally

Understanding and Resisting Violence Locally and Globally is aimed at understanding the roots of violence, accompanying its victims, and building peace by exploring cultures of violence, culture and violence, and cultures of peace. 

Staff, students, faculty and friends of Santa Clara are invited to take part in this quarter long experience drawing upon the expertise and life experiences from both the session organizers and the participants.  Session organizers include:

Campus Ministry
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
English Department
Theater and Dance
Civil Engineering
Women’s and Gender Studies & SCU Wellness Center
Communication Department
Anthropology Department
Political Science Department

The program consists of nine sessions beginning on Sept. 20 and ending Nov. 15.  Sessions will meet 12:10 to 1:50 on Tuesdays in Kenna 104 with a break at 12:55 for those who need to return to their other duties.   The format for the sessions is wide open with the campus community exposed to a variety of ideas, strategies, and experiences around the topic of traditional and contemporary violence (terrorism, drone strikes, poverty, domestic violence, racial violence, environmental violence, law enforcement violence, religion and violence, and more). 

For students, a two unit course Understanding and Resisting Global Violence is available through the College of Arts and Sciences course ASCI 44365 with registration via the add/drop process.

Instructors, Residential Learning Communities, Osher Students, staff, faculty are most welcome to participate in some or all of the sessions.  A formal schedule of events will be available soon.

Theater Flamenco of San Francisco

SCU Professor and member of the SCU Center for the Arts and Humanities planning group, Christina Zanfagna, performs with Theater Flamenco of San Francisco in its 50th anniversary series including Nov. 4 at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts.

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