Center for the Arts and Humanities

Center for the Arts and Humanities


"STEM education is grounded in the study of the humanities...and demands an increased attention to ethics, social responsibility, and the thoughtful consideration of controversial issues."

-Michael Engh, S.J., President Santa Clara University


"Humanity has always looked to the Arts to explain the world."

-W. Kamau Bell


Drawing from both traditional forms of expression and the latest in digital technologies, the Center for Arts and Humanities at Santa Clara University literally has no boundaries as it fosters interdisciplinary collaboration in research, teaching, service and creative activity both on campus and in the community, locally and globally. The Center merges the Jesuit passion for scholarly excellence and service with the explosion of creativity which is Silicon Valley. Join us as we not only push the envelope but eliminate it all together, exploring the joy of meaningful expression at the interface of the arts, humanities, sciences, and entrepreneurial genius in the 21st Century.

Taye Diggs


Taye Diggs named Frank Sinatra Chair in the Performing Arts for 2018-19

The groundbreaking actor and singer from film and stage will start his residency at Santa Clara University this fall. 

CAH Faculty Planning Group member, Amy Lueck, signed a contract with Southern Illinois University Press to publish her new book, tentatively titled A Shared History: Writing in High School and College, 1856-1886. The book is set for inclusion in their Fall 2019 catalog.
CAH Fellow Angela Holzmeister spent the summer in Istanbul, Athens, Crete, Rome, and Los Angeles, gathering information and interviews for a variety of art-related projects, including her CAH funded podcast project. Some of these interviews will be part of a larger article on Turkish art and the art scene in Istanbul.
CAH Faculty Planning Group member Michelle Burnham signed a contract with Oxford University Press to publish her book Transoceanic America: Risk, Writing, and Revolution in the Global Pacific, which is now in production.
Professor Michelle Burnham and CAH Fellow Blake de Maria worked together with Nadia Nasr to plan and run a Digitizing Archives incubator for faculty this past summer. Faculty from Anthropology, Art and Art History, Education, English, and History worked together to learn how to use Omeka and Neatline to build digital projects using archival materials. They are planning to integrate these resources into courses to support undergraduate research in digital humanities.