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Center for the Arts and Humanities

The Center for Arts and Humanities at Santa Clara University emerges from the Jesuit tradition which recognizes the arts and humanities as foundational disciplines which cultivate the virtues necessary for appreciating human dignity, celebrating diversity and social entrepreneurship, and contributing to the common good. The CAH embraces the tension between tradition and innovation, embracing scholarly excellence and creativity while taking the risks necessary for building bridges between the university and local artists and communities, between the academy and the private sector, and with relevant non-profit organizations. The Center fosters interdisciplinary collaboration in research, teaching, community service and creative activity among the arts, humanities, liberal arts, and the many other disciplines that shape human life and experience in the 21st century.

Theater Flamenco of San Francisco

SCU Professor and member of the SCU Center for the Arts and Humanities planning group, Christina Zanfagna, performs with Theater Flamenco of San Francisco in its 50th anniversary series.

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