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Our 2021-22 Theme is: Racial and Environmental Justice

This year’s theme builds on our 20-21 theme (Twin Pandemics: COVID and Racial Injustice) by focusing on the further intersections between racial and environmental justice. 

How and where do histories of racial inequality and ecological impact intersect? How can we center racial justice in our conversations and actions around climate change, sustainability, and environmental humanities? How can we bring environmental issues to bear on our conversations and actions around incarceration, education, and the arts? How can dismantling structural racism impact the local and global environments in which we live, work, and hope to thrive?

We are open to proposals from campus and community individuals and groups for arts and humanities programming ideas (invited speakers, roundtables, exhibits, actions, collaborations) that engage with these questions.


Our 2020-2021 Theme is: Twin Pandemics

This theme has opened up the conversation on racism, privilege, and COVID-19, and the intersections that exist between them. To keep the conversation active and flowing, the Center has held multiple talks, protests, more throughout the 2020 school year. The first large event of 2021, the Twin Pandemic Forum, took place in October and contained performances, keynote speakers, and many contributions, all recorded and available to access.

Our ongoing blog has been committed to exploring this theme as well since its inception at the start of the pandemic and over 30 articles, poems, and other works have been contributed.

Recordings of the Twin Pandemics Forum are now available: