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Center for the Arts and Humanities Blog

Image courtesy of Mayra Sierra-Rivera '20, Studio art major


Fall 2021 Topic: Water


Our Fall 2021 call for blog posts takes its inspiration from the recently performed “Water Project” (under the direction of former CAH fellow David Popalisky) on campus, and from the CAH’s 2021-22 theme of Racial and Environmental Justice.

We invite short reflections on the role water has played in your lives, your research, your creative work, your memories, your teaching, your sense of self and of community.

Possible topics include droughts, floods, water use and misuse, water places (oceans, rivers, lakes, puddles, marshes), water in literature or music or art or dance, blue humanities, water inequalities and discrimination, water as a source of joy and/or crisis, water activism, water borders (including migration and movement along or across water). Posts that engage with the intersection of water and racial justice are especially welcome.

Send inquiries, pitches, or short blog posts (750 words) to Michelle Burnham and Amy Randall. We strongly encourage the use of visual images, hyperlinks, and/or short embedded audio or video along with text.