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Student Fellows

We are pleased to announce our 2023-2024 cohort of CAH Student Fellows.



Natalia Cantu ‘24, DH student fellow (English and Biology)"Digital Finding Tools for the Tenacious Box Set of Zines"  (Advised by Kirstyn Leuner, English)

The Tenacious Box Set is a collection of zines published by women in prison and held in the Special Collections at SCU. Natalia will be completing a finding aid for this important material, focusing on an index that will organize each publication by topic, theme, author, and date. Her goal is to make the impressive works within the Tenacious Box Set more digitally accessible to students and scholars at and beyond SCU. To learn more about her work click here




Miriam Chen Lin ‘26 (Psychology and Studio Arts)“The Familiar Yet Esoteric Mind: The Psychological Reasoning of Identity and Mental Health in Undergraduate Students” (Advised by Jennifer Frihauf, Psychology; Jessica Eastburn, Studio Arts; Leandro Glory Damasco Jr., Dance;  and Oliver Bochettaz, English)

Miriam brings together her interests in Psychology and Art in a project on the importance of mental health among students and in our society. Her project will consist of multimedia work that integrates studio art, dance, film, and writing. Each visual piece will be accompanied by a paper describing the work and analyzing its relations to psychological theories, experiments, and data. Ultimately the project will be exhibited and compiled into a trade book. To learn more about her work click here




Charlie DiNapoli ‘24 (Studio Arts) Shrines” (Advised by Pancho Jiménez, Studio Art)

Charlie will create a series of 6-10 works in ceramics/mixed media that explore his own religious and emotional experiences, ranging from frustration and anger to boredom and despair. The pieces will be sculpted semi-self-portraits displayed in frames that resemble the out-coves that hold religious figures in traditional settings. Charlie plans to enter these works into juried shows and to prepare for his senior show in the Spring. To learn more about his work, click here



Simon Lanzoni ‘24 (Studio Art, Music, and Italian)“Seeing in Tongues” (Advised by Ryan Carrington, Studio Art)

Seeing in Tongues will take the form of an audiovisual installation that includes sculpture and sound to explore how language and perception define an individual’s interpretation of reality. As someone who is bicultural and bilingual, Simon has begun to perceive how language is culture, how reality can be reflected in language, and how language produces ever-changing realities. Simon will create three different 3D works of art along with one greater soundscape to inspire students, faculty, staff, and visitors to create an inclusive future for the arts at SCU and to celebrate the human impulse to create. To learn more about his work click here


  Natasha Moorjani

Natasha Moorjani ‘24 (Music and Political Science)“Choral Music and Justice” (Advised by Scot Hanna-Weir, Music)

Tasha will be composing an original choral work that brings awareness to the legal aspects of social justice by setting to music legal texts, such as Supreme Court opinions or writings by legal scholars. The texts of her choral piece will synthesize the most impactful phrases and pressing ideas from the legal texts, while the medium of choral music will add emotion and emphasis in ways that will allow both the singers and the audience to connect with them. Her project hopes to explore how the arts can be an effective mechanism for social justice and how the emotive qualities of music make it an extremely powerful way to create change. To learn more about her work click here



Madysen Moreno ‘24 (Music and Philosophy)“Heard Her: A Concert Series” (Advised by Teresa McCollough, Music)

Madysen’s concern with the lack of female representation in the music industry drives her fellowship project, an original four-movement concert series showcasing a suite of music composed to explore the phenomenology of women through sound. Madysen’s composition will proceed through the help of Santa Clara University’s New Music Ensemble and will debut in a live Spring performance. To learn more about her work click here. 


Past Student Fellows

2022-2023 Student Fellows

Maddie Moran '24, (English, Spanish, & Philosophy) "Digital Finding Tools for the Tenacious Box Set of Zines" (Advised by Prof. Kirstyn Leuner, English)

Alexandria Perez '23, (Public Health, Political Science, & Women's and Gender Studies) "Traveling Tookor (Woman): A Journey of Self-Reflection and Decolonial Knowledge Production Healing through Indigenous Lands" (Advised by Prof. Sharmila Lodhia, Women's and Gender Studies & Prof. Jesica Fernandez, Ethnic Studies)

Bianca Romero '23, (History, French, & Asian Studies) "Colonial Urban Planning in French Indochina" (Advised by Prof. Naomi Andrews, History)

Emma Rutter '23, (Neuroscience & Theatre and Dance)"Dance: A Stimulus for Memory?" (Advised by Prof. Patti Simone, Neuroscience and Prof. David Popalisky, Theatre, and Dance)

2021-2022 Student Fellows

Frances Bertotti-Metoyer ’22 (Music, History, and Ethnic Studies) and Sophia Flores ’22 (Music, Physics, and Ethnic Studies) for “Songs of Conservation” (advised by Bruno Ruviaro, Music)

Teresa Contino ’24 (English and Psychology), DH student fellow, for “Composing Collaborative Feminist Recovery Projects with Scalar” (advised by Amy Lueck, English)

Natalie Henriquez ’22 (History and Philosophy) for “Frankenstein and Artificial Intelligence Technology Today” (advised by Naomi Andrews, History)

Emma Kuli ’22 (English) for “Cultivating Creative Storytelling” (advised by Kirk Glaser, English/Creative Writing)

Sophie Wink ’22 (History) for “Women and Eugenics at the Maine School for the Feeble Minded” (advised by Amy Randall, History)

2018 Frank Sinatra Student Fellow

Julia Joyce '19, Political Science and English

Working with Danielle Morgan, Julia’s duties include aiding with final research tasks related to her book, Just Kidding: African American Satire, Selfhood, and the 21st Century and assisting with tasks related to research that W. Kamau Bell may undertake during his residency at Santa Clara. She hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in English and has a particular interest in African American Comedy. In addition to her love of English, Julia pursues her love of theater on the Mock Trial Team.