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Student Fellows

We are pleased to announce our 2022-2023 cohort of CAH Student Fellows.

Maddie Moran '24, (English, Spanish, & Philosophy)

"Digital Finding Tools for the Tenacious Box Set of Zines"  (Advised by Prof. Kirstyn Leuner, English)

As the DH-CAH Fellow, Maddie will be creating a finding aid for the zines contained in our Tenacious Box Set in our special collections at SCU. The Tenacious zines are a series of publications of pieces written by women in prison that have been compiled and arranged into separate collections. In order to present the finding aid, she will use Omeka to construct an index based on subject and arranged by date. The index will organize each individual piece by its primary topic or theme as well as its author and date of publication for ease of access. 



Alexandria Perez '23, (Public Health, Political Science, & Women's and Gender Studies)

"Traveling Tookor (Woman): A Journey of Self-Reflection and Decolonial Knowledge Production Healing through Indigenous Lands" (Advised by Prof. Sharmila Lodhia,Women's and Gender Studies & Prof. Jesica Fernandez, Ethnic Studies)

Alex is exploring the land on which we live through an ethnographic study of her own positionality and the places she travels. The sacred land and our connection to it is full of knowledge, solidarity, and healing. Her project will tap into these resources to produce knowledge that will build a bridge between indigenous learning and Santa Clara University. She will be producing journal entries, notes, interviews, and physical work that embody growth through engagement with the sacred earth. In an attempt to become closer to herself, this project will reveal the importance of indigenous knowledge and the sacredness of the land on which we inhabit.


Bianca Romero '23, (History, French, & Asian Studies)

"Colonial Urban Planning in French Indochina" (Advised by Prof. Naomi Andrews, History)

Bianca is researching how French urban planning was used in colonies as a tool of imperial power. Her project focuses specifically on Vietnam and French Indochina to explore the relationship between landscapes, manmade and natural, and their impact on both colonizers and those they colonized. In order to further understand the role of cities in before, during, and after colonization she will base her studies in conceptions of urbanism and modernity in these respective cultures. Additionally, she intends to examine the intersection of French and Vietnamese philosophies that influenced their perceptions of space and nature. Using historical documents such as newspapers, pamphlets, maps, and fiction in combination with secondary sources she will examine French and Vietnamese histories on perspectives on different landscapes and the impact of imperialism.


Emma Rutter '23, (Neuroscience & Theatre and Dance)

"Dance: A Stimulus for Memory?" (Advised by Prof. Patti Simone, Neuroscience and Prof. David Popalisky, Theatre and Dance)

Emma is researching the connection between dance education and memory recall.  Her plan is to conduct a literature review of existing studies on the topic and primary research in the dance department at SCU. With her interdisciplinary education in neuroscience and dance, she hopes to analyze both verbal memory and movement memory via appropriate tests on a group of dancers and a group of non-dancers. Her goal is to raise and answer the following questions: Is there a significant improvement in memory recall in dancers? If a trend is noticed is it only applicable to movement memory or generalized to verbal recall? The project results will be presented in an educational infographic promoting involvement in dance education and a creative choreographic demonstration explaining the research findings. Her goal is to demonstrate the importance of dance education and funding for arts education. To learn more about Emma and her fellow's project, read the Q&A here.

Past Student Fellows

2021-2022 Student Fellows

Frances Bertotti-Metoyer ’22 (Music, History, and Ethnic Studies) and Sophia Flores ’22 (Music, Physics, and Ethnic Studies) for “Songs of Conservation” (advised by Bruno Ruviaro, Music)

Teresa Contino ’24 (English and Psychology), DH student fellow, for “Composing Collaborative Feminist Recovery Projects with Scalar” (advised by Amy Lueck, English)

Natalie Henriquez ’22 (History and Philosophy) for “Frankenstein and Artificial Intelligence Technology Today” (advised by Naomi Andrews, History)

Emma Kuli ’22 (English) for “Cultivating Creative Storytelling” (advised by Kirk Glaser, English/Creative Writing)

Sophie Wink ’22 (History) for “Women and Eugenics at the Maine School for the Feeble Minded” (advised by Amy Randall, History)

2018 Frank Sinatra Student Fellow

Julia Joyce '19, Political Science and English

Working with Danielle Morgan, Julia’s duties include aiding with final research tasks related to her book, Just Kidding: African American Satire, Selfhood, and the 21st Century and assisting with tasks related to research that W. Kamau Bell may undertake during his residency at Santa Clara. She hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in English and has a particular interest in African American Comedy. In addition to her love of English, Julia pursues her love of theater on the Mock Trial Team.