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Career Center, Santa Clara University

For Employers

Is your organization committed to hiring and retaining diverse talent? We invite you to pre-register for SCU’s 6th Annual Diversity Works Expo. Please note, submitting a pre-registration does NOT guarantee your participation. 

What is DWE?

  • DWE celebrates students from all backgrounds, while simultaneously connecting students with employers who champion inclusivity in the workplace. 
  • This event is a career development and networking pipeline for organizations to meet SCU’s diverse students in a celebration of what our students will bring to their future workplaces and careers. Employer partners can serve as facilitators for roundtable discussions or company representatives during our networking session.
  • This year’s theme is Bringing Your Whole Self to Work. Together, we will investigate the intersection of identity, inclusion and career.

 When and where is it?

What will the event include?

  • Student awards
  • Employer panel
  • Facilitated breakout discussions
  • Reverse Career Fair

 How will I engage with students?

There are various ways for you/your organization to participate:

  • Attend and participate
  • Participate in breakout discussions
  • Networking session and reverse career fair

 What is a reverse career fair?

We’ve all heard about regular career fairs, where you go to meet the recruiting coordinators from different companies, but have you heard of a reverse career fair? Instead of students wandering around waiting to talk to a recruiter, it’s switched. The employers go from student organization to student organization, who showcase their skills.

 How do I sign up?

  • Organizations should promote and demonstrate a variety of thought, cultivate a culture of acceptance, and celebrate differences in the workplace as a whole and/or individually. 
  • Pre-register here. Please submit your pre-registration early for adequate time to review and approve your registration.
  • Please note that completing this form does NOT guarantee a space at DWE. You will be notified via email if your registration is approved. 


Pre-Register Here