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Career Center, Santa Clara University

Company Challenges

Company Challenges are a great way to gain some experience while demonstrating your skills, creativity, and energy to potential employers. It also shows initiative and an ability to pursue projects outside of school, while managing a full academic load. Plus, you might win some money and bragging rights!

  • Devpost

    Build software to solve challenges posted by corporations and government. Compete in online competitions or find in-person hackathons and compete for monetary rewards.

  • Design Crowd

    Compete for $ by providing your graphic design solution for company needs.

  • Facebook Hackathons

    Facebook's hackathons serve as the foundation for some great ideas. It gives current Facebook employees the opportunity to try out new ideas and collaborate with other people in a fun environment.

  • Innocentive

    Challenges are broad questions formulated to obtain access to new ideas. Compete for prizes. Primarily science, business, and engineering disciplines.

  • Mindsumo

    Students can apply skills and creativity by proposing innovative solutions to company problems. Includes prizes and prospective job/internship leads.

  • Student Competitions

    Offers a collection of multi-disciplinary projects for student teams around the world to compete for prizes. Some projects are sponsored by employers.

  • Studyka

    Solve company challenges and win prizes, which may include the opportunity to interview for internships and jobs. Projects are multidisciplinary.

  • Bay Area Hackathons

    Love to build amazing things quick? Then you've found the right place. Bay Area Hackathons are hosted at Bay Area companies and a are a great way to meet new people, build amazing things, and win killer prizes.