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Career Influencers Network

Career Influencers Network


Recognizing that students develop circles of trust all across the SCU community, we acknowledge and appreciate the many faculty and staff having career conversations with students. Therefore, the Career Influencer Network was developed as a broader effort to better inform and coordinate the “career influencers” already guiding student development all over campus.


Meet the Network Members

Currently, the network is made up of over 100 SCU faculty and staff who support students’ exploration and pursuit of meaningful opportunities.




Interested in finding out more?

Your support of students’ exploration and pursuit of meaningful opportunities has a great impact. If you are interested in exploring career tools and resources, gaining access to Handshake, and learning about industry/employment trends, please join the 100+ faculty and staff already in the network!

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By indicating your interest here, you will be included in future messaging regarding how to engage in Career Influencers Network programming, communications, and resources.



The Career Center recognizes and celebrates student-nominated faculty and staff for supporting students in their career journey.

Career Influencers Network Toolkit

Would you like to know more about how to help students succeed in their job search? Check out these Career Center videos to see what we recommend to SCU students.

Career Influencers Toolkit Webinars

Career Resources Overview

Watch this webinar to learn more about the Career Center Resources and become a member of our Career Influencer Network. Email when you are finished to be added to our contact list and website.

Resume & Cover Letter Tips

Resume templates, tips and tools the Career Center recommends to Santa Clara University undergraduate and graduate students.

LinkedIn and Job Search Strategy Tips

LinkedIn profile and job search tips and tricks to help students in their find and land internships and full time opportunities.

ChatGPT for Careers

ChatGPT for Careers: Use AI to Accelerate the Job Search One of the hardest parts of the job search is how lonely it is. You’re often on your own to find the right path and apply the right way. But there’s good news on the horizon: AI tools like ChatGPT are going to make it less and less lonely - if you know how to use them. So join a former LinkedIn insider and ChatGPT power user to discover how to find your perfect path by exploring different industries based on your major and interests including getting homework for investigating your fit.

Focus2Career Demo & Training

The Career Center is proud to provide free and unlimited access to this dynamic platform, which offers students work interest and career readiness assessments as well as career planning support. Students can access this platform directly here: Focus2Career / Holland Code Assessment

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