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Department ofChemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry Awards

General Chemistry Achievement Award

2022 Recipients: Claire Alford, Tobey Enns

2021 Recipients: Nadine Koochou, Michael Nguyen

2020 Recipients: Sebastian Acevedo, Gaabe Rodkey, Sienna Unter

2019 Recipients: Isha Vial, Chris Olson

2018 Recipient:  James Grom

**Awarded to honor a first-year student for outstanding performance in the General Chemistry course sequence.

American Chemical Society Polyed Award

2022 Recipient: Griffin Ellis

2021 Recipients: Ella Basler, Maya Ryan

2020 Recipient:  Miya Duffy

2019 Recipient:  Michelle Nguyen

2018 Recipient:  Sabine Pigg

2017 Recipient:  Anthony Dinkel

2016 Recipient:  Ching Pan

**Sponsored by the Polymer Education Committee of the American Chemical Society to honor outstanding achievement in the Organic Chemistry I, II and III course sequence.

American Chemical Society Award in Inorganic Chemistry

2022 Recipient: Matt Shulman

2021 Recipient: Christopher Tak

2020 Recipient:  Kira Fahy

2019 Recipient:  Nicholas Wu

2018 Recipient:  Genevieve Clow

2017 Recipient:  Max Sarver

2016 Recipient:  Sarah Anderson

**Sponsored by the American Chemical Society Division of Inorganic Chemistry; awarded to an undergraduate student who has demonstrated excellence in inorganic chemistry and whose future plans include a career in chemistry.  The award consists of a personalized certificate and a letter of commendation.

American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry

2022 Recipient: Emma Figueredo

2021 Recipient: Jose Moreno

2020 Recipient:  Lauren Verheyden

2019 Recipient:  Samantha Parker

2018 Recipient:  Janelle Tobias

2017 Recipient:  William Thomas

2016 Recipient:  Pavel E. Klier

**Sponsored by the American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry; awarded to a graduating senior in chemistry or biochemistry who has demonstrated excellence in organic chemistry based on a combination of research experience, coursework and a desire to pursue a career in chemistry.

American Chemical Society Award in Physical Chemistry

2022 Recipient: Adriana Gutierrez Ramirez

2021 Recipient:  Ayush Kris

2020 Recipient:  Chandler Dobson

2019 Recipients:  Kelsie Barnard, Sara Sorden

2018 Recipient:  Vivian Dao

2017 Recipient:  Anna Calkins 

**Sponsored by the American Chemical Society Division of Physical Chemistry; awarded to an undergraduate student who has demonstrated excellence in physical chemistry based on research and coursework. The awardee will receive an official certificate from the ACS Division of Physical Chemistry, recognition on their website and a one-year membership in the ACS Division of Physical Chemistry

American Institute of Chemists Foundation Award

2022 Recipients: Miya Duffy, Eleanor Greenspoon 

2021 Recipient:  Chandler Dobson

2020 Recipients:  Kira Fahy, Leila Chihab

2019 Recipients:  Harrison Szeto, Isabella Whitworth

2018 Recipient:   Janelle Tobias

2017 Recipient:   William Thomas

2016 Recipient:   Kyle Bandaccari

**Awarded to outstanding senior chemistry major in recognition of a record of leadership, ability, character, and scholastic achievement.

Analytical Chemistry Award

2020 Recipient:   Gigi Gadbois

2019 Recipient:   Joseph Andry

2018 Recipient:   Michael Zheng

2017 Recipient:   Timothy Chapman

2016 Recipient:   Camille DuBois

**Awarded to honor an undergraduate Chemistry or Biochemistry major for excellence in both lower- and upper-division analytical chemistry courses.

Biochemistry Award

2022 Recipient: Ethan Schauer

2021 Recipient: Se Kim

2020 Recipients:  Michelle Nguyen, Christopher Tak

2019 Recipients:  Sabine Pigg, Lauren Verheyden

2018 Recipient:  Anthony Dinkel

2017 Recipients: Lauren Edwards, Sydney Nguyen

2016 Recipient:  Ashley Nepomuceno

Awarded to an undergraduate student who has demonstrated excellence in the Biochemistry I, Biochemistry II and Biochemical Techniques Course Sequence

John C. Gilbert and Stephen Martin Organic Chemistry Award

2022 Recipient: Miya Duffy

2021 Recipient: Michelle Nguyen

2020 Recipient:  Samuel Braza

2019 Recipient:  Joseph Andry

2018 Recipient:  Ching Pan

2017 Recipient:  Daniel Tiano

2016 Recipients:   Rae Sesanto, Kyra McComas 

** Awarded to a senior chemistry or biochemistry major for outstanding performance in organic chemistry courses and /or research.

Joseph Deck Award

2022 Recipients: Tony Napoli, Brian Hong, Matt Shulman 

2021 Recipients: Alia Rubaie, Nour Fezzani 

2020 Recipients:  Kira Fahy, Christine Hancock

2019 Recipient:  Anthony Dinkel

2018 Recipients:  Celia Boone, Jennifer Yin

2017 Recipients:  Zoe Amaris, Rachel Law

2016 Recipient:  Pavel Klier

** Awarded to the outstanding student majoring in chemistry who has excelled in studies and undergraduate research, extracurricular activities, leadership, and generous tutoring of fellow students, while maintaining a B average.

Michael Sweeney Endowed Award

2022 Recipient: Giulia Mantovani

2021 Recipients: Tony Napoli, Brian Hong

2020 Recipients:  Samuel Braza, Alia Rubaie

2019 Recipients:  Harrison Szeto, Isabella Whitworth

2018 Recipients:   Celia Boone, Ching Pan

2017 Recipient: William Thomas

2016 Recipients:  Kyle Bandaccari, Dan Tiano 

** Awarded to one or more students majoring in chemistry or biochemistry who best exemplify Dr. Michael Sweeney’s passion for teaching, curiosity and humor.

Richard Bastiani Summer Research Award

2022 Recipients:  Lauren Drake, Rushil Vasant

2021 Recipients:  Chloe Heath, Tony Napoli

2019 Recipients:  Caleb Ling, Ayush Kris

2018 Recipients:  Kalli Dowell, Damon Rideaux, Harrison Szeto

2017 Recipients:  Ching Pan, Vivian Dao

2016 Recipients:  Caroline Bosmajian, Amanda Fearon

2015 Recipients:  Kyle Bandaccari, Lauren Schmitt

** Awarded via student application (earlier March 2017 email) to a student majoring in chemistry or biochemistry with an expressed career goal of chemical research either in industry or a graduate setting. The summer stipend is for $5000.

Phi Lambda Upsilon

2022 Recipients:   Ethan Schauer, Miya Duffy, Isha Vial, Matthew Shulman

2021 Recipients:   Michelle Nguyen, Ayush Kris, Christian Jimenez, Chris Tak

2020 Recipients:   Kira Fahy, Caleb Ling, Sabine Pigg, Lauren Verheyden

2019 Recipients:   Joseph Andry, Anthony Dinkel, Morgan MacKenzie, Harrison Szeto, Nicholas Wu

2018 Recipients:   Genevieve Clow, Vivian Dao, Andres Gonzalez, Ching Pan, Erika Sasaki, Lucy Studemeister, Michael Zheng

2017 Recipients:   Lauren Edwards, Sydney Nguyen, Max Sarver, William Thomas, Camille DuBois, and Justin Teraoka

2016 Recipients:   Kyle Bandaccari, Pavel Klier, Rae Sesanto, Robert Kousnetsov, Navin Prasad, Sarah Anderson, Lauren Schmitt, Rebecca Nepomuceno, and Kyra McComas

**Phi Lambda Upsilon is the National Honor Society that recognizes those who achieve excellence in chemistry.  In 1976, The Society established an at-large membership program to extend recognition to undergraduate students at institutions where no active local chapters exist.  In 1986 this program was extended to include graduate students, and in 1992 to include tenured faculty.