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Grace Stokes

Grace Stokes

Assistant Professor

Fax: 408-554-7811

Degree Information
B.S. Chemistry, Stanford University
Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Northwestern University

Monitoring adsorption of pharmaceuticals to lipids, transmembrane peptides, and protein-coated surfaces using laser-based spectroscopy methods


  • General Chemistry (Chem 11, 11L)
  • Spectroscopy (Chem 151)
  • Chemical Thermodynamics (Chem 152)

Calkins A. L.; Rangel, J. L.; Yin, Jennifer; Landry, M. R.; Fuller, A. A.; Stokes, G. Y. “A Thermodynamic Description of the Adsorption of Simple Water-Soluble Peptoids to Silica” Langmuir 2016, ASAP.

Osborn, PTM; Addison, JB; Jordan, JS; Yarger, JL; Damle VG; Rykaczewski, K; Chang, SL, Stokes, GY; Edgerly, JS “Surface and Wetting Properties of Embiopteran (Webspinner) Nanofiber Silk” Langmuir 2016, 32, 4681.

Stokes, G.Y.  and Conboy, J. C. "Measuring Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM)- Membrane Interactions with Second Harmonic Generation"  J. Am. Chem. Soc.  2014, 136, 1409-1417

Buchbinder, A.M., Gibbs-Davis, J.M., Stokes, G.Y,  Peterson, M.D., Weitz, E. Geiger, F.M. "Method for evaluating vibrational mode assignments in surface-bound cyclic hydrocarbons using sum frequency generation" J. Phys. Chem. C, 2011, 115, 18284-18294.

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