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Department ofChemistry and Biochemistry

Ian Carter-O'Connell

Ian Carter-O'Connell

Assistant Professor

Degree Information

Ph.D. Biochemistry, Harvard University
B.A. Biochemistry, The Colorado College


In the Carter-O'Connell lab we are focused on using biochemistry to uncover the role of ADP-ribosylation in both normal human physiology (cell development, signal transduction, gene regulation) and disease (such as cancer). We aim to couple a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles that govern ADP-ribose transfer in the cell to the biological outcomes of normal and malignant ADP-ribose signaling.

  • Biochemistry I (Chem 141)
  • Biochemistry Lab (Chem 143)

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Carter-O’Connell, I., Peel, M., Wykoff, D.D., and O’Shea, E.K. (2012). Genome-Wide Characterization of the Phosphate Starvation Response in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. BMC Genomics. 13:697.

Carter-O’Connell, I., Booth, D., Eason, B., and Grover, N.K. (2008). Thermodynamic Examination of Trinucleotide Bulged RNA in the Context of HIV-1 TAR RNA. RNA. 14(12): 2550-6.