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Department ofChemistry and Biochemistry

Paul Abbyad

Paul Abbyad

Associate Professor

Degree Information

Ph.D. Stanford University, Stanford, CA
B.Sc., McGill University, Montreal, Canada


Microfluidic nanoliter droplets for applications in biological and chemical assays


National Science Foundation Career Award, 2018-2023
National Institutes of Health R15 Award, 2018-2021
Henry Dreyfus Teaching-Scholar Award, 2019-2024

  • Biophysical Chemistry (Chem 150)
  • Physical Chemistry Lab (Chem 154)
  • Dobson, C*; Zielke, C; Pan, CW*;  Feit, C*; Abbyad, P (2020) Method for Passive Droplet Sorting after PhotoTagging Micromachines Vol 11 Issue 11, 10.3390/mi11110964
  • Zielke, C; Pan, CW* Gutierrez Ramirez, A*; Feit, C*; Dobson, C*; Davidson, C*; Sandel, B; Abbyad, P (2020) “Microfluidic Platform for the Isolation of Cancer-Cell Subpopulations based on Single-Cell Glycolysis” Analytical Chemistry (accepted).
  • H. Horvath, D.G*; Braza, S*; Moore, T; Lunch, A*; Feit, C*; Abbyad, P (2019) Sorting by Interfacial Tension (SIFT): Label-Free Enzyme Sorting Using Droplet Microfluidics.  Analytica Chimica Acta (in press).
  • Pan, CW*; Horvath, DG*; Braza, S*; Moore, T*; Lynch, A*; Feit C*; Abbyad, P (2019Sorting by interfacial tension (SIFT): Label-free selection of live cells based on single-cell metabolism Lab on a Chip,  Advance Article  Front Cover of Journal; Selected by the Editor as a “HOT” paper designated to the top 10% of papers published in journal.
  • Sengupta, D; Mongersun, A; Kim, TJ; Mongersun, K*; von Eyben, R; Abbyad, P; Pratx, G (2019Multiplexed Single-Cell Measurements of FDG Uptake and Lactate Release Using Droplet Microfluidics Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment 18: 1-9.
  • Gallina, ME; Kim, TJ; Shelor, M; Vasquez, J;  Mongersun, A*; Kim, M; Tang, S; Abbyad, P; Pratx, G (2017) Towards a droplet radiometric assay for single-cell analysis Analytical Chemistry  89 (12), pp 6472–6481.
  • Mongersun A,Smeenk I*, Pratx G, Asuri, P, Abbyad, P (2016) Droplet Microfluidic Platform for the Determination of Single-Cell Lactate Release Analytical Chemistry 88(6):3257–3263.
  • Türkcan S; Nguyen J*; Vilalta M; Shen B; Chin F T, Pratx G, Abbyad, P  (2015) Single-Cell Analysis of [18F]Fluorodeoxyglucose Uptake by Droplet Radiofluidics Analytical Chemistry 87 (13), 6667–6673.
  • Tullis J*; Park, C.L.*; Abbyad, P (2014) Selective fusion of anchored droplets via changes in surfactant concentration Lab on a Chip, 14, 3285-3289.
  • Fradet E; Abbyad, P.; Vos, M.; Baroud C.N. (2013) Parallel measurements of reaction kinetics using ultralow-volumes Lab on a Chip, 13, 4326-4330 Front Cover of Journal.
  • Abbyad, P; Dangla, R; Alexandrou, A; Baroud, CN (2011) Rails and Anchors: Guiding and Trapping Droplet Microreactors in Two Dimensions. Lab on a Chip  11 (5), 813 – 821
  • Abbyad, P; Tharaux P-L; Martin J-L; Baroud, CN; Alexandrou, A (2010) Sickling of Red Blood Cells through Rapid Oxygen Exchange in Microfluidic Drops. Lab on a Chip   10, 2505- 2512  Inside front cover of Issue No.19

*Undergraduate Authors